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Bahrain Hiring

Hiring the right employees can make a big difference in your expansion. Whether you need the talent to fill specialized positions or you’re a manufacturing company looking for unskilled labor, Globalization Partners can help. Our Bahrain hiring outsourcing services will ensure that you get top talent to fill your positions. Plus, as the Employer of Record, we’ll also handle matters of compliance so that you can always operate within Bahrain’s laws and regulations.

How to Hire Employees in Bahrain

Bahrain requires every company to write a strong employment contract in the local language that outlines compensation, benefits, and termination requirements. You should make two copies — one for you and one for the employee — to have on record. Always include any salary or compensation amounts in Bahraini dinar rather than another currency.

Once you hire employees in Bahrain, you need to register them with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and get a certificate of the registration. You also need to register employees with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) and make monthly contributions for old age, disability, death, and work-related injury insurances.

Companies should enlist with the Pension Authority as soon as they hire an employee. If you don’t work with Globalization Partners, you’ll generally have a legal firm or representative handle this portion of the registration.

Bahrain Employment Compliance Laws

Bahrain employment compliance laws dictate the typical workweek, which is usually 40 to 48 hours a week with eight hours per day. Muslim workers during Ramadan are restricted to six hours per day. Friday and Saturday are usually designated as weekend days, while employees work Sunday through Thursday.

In July of 2012, the King of Bahrain instituted Law No. 36, known as the New Law. The New Law replaced the old labor law and encouraged more worker protections throughout Bahrain. For example, all discriminatory practices are prohibited under the New Law, including wages based on sex, ethnicity, language, religion, or beliefs. Employers also cannot terminate contracts based on sex, color, religion, or membership in a trade union.

How Do You Onboard Employees in Bahrain?

While Bahrain does not have one way to onboard employees, you can take some steps to make the onboarding process more comfortable for new employees. Start by flying to Bahrain for their first day or first week, or send another company executive to make sure the process runs smoothly. You should also go over the employment contract, company code of conduct, and any other important documents during the employee’s first week.

Benefit of Bahrain Hiring Outsourcing

If you opt for Bahrain hiring outsourcing services, you can work with a dedicated hiring firm or Globalization Partners. A hiring firm will help you hire top Bahrain employees, though you’ll still be responsible for Bahrain employment compliance laws. Globalization Partners will source the best talent and assign them to work for your business. Plus, we’ll act as the Employer of Record and take the stress of compliance off your shoulders and onto our own.

Why Choose Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners will hire the right Bahrain employees to help grow your company while ensuring you stay compliant. Contact us today to learn more.

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