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Benin Hiring

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After running your business for years, you know how important it is to have the right employees on your team. You need to hire Benin employees you can trust to build your company, but you also need to stay compliant throughout the hiring process. It can prove difficult to find the time to hire and learn Benin’s employment compliance laws when you’re also trying to handle a global expansion.

Globalization Partners makes it easy to expand to new countries through our suite of global expansion services. We offer Benin hiring outsourcing services to companies that need to recruit new employees or require an easy way to onboard their preferred candidates. We’ll also act as the Employer of Record, so all compliance will fall on our shoulders instead of yours.

How to Hire Employees in Benin

Although Benin does not require an employment contract to hire employees, we recommend using one for new hires. Fixed-term contracts are allowed for up to 48 months, and they should be oral or in writing. All employment contracts should be in the local language and include information about benefits, compensation, termination and entitlement terms, working hours, and more. In addition, all offer letters and employment contracts should include salary and compensation amounts in West African CFA francs instead of any other currency.

Existing Benin Employment Compliance Laws

Benin’s employment compliance laws cover typical working hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8–12:30 p.m. and 3:30–7 p.m. and Saturday from 9–1 p.m. Usually, employees work 40 hours a week and shouldn’t exceed 56 a week. Workers can work a maximum of 240 hours of overtime each year but should get 112% of their normal hourly rate for hours 41–48 during the week. Hours beyond the 48th a week should get paid at 135% of an employee’s normal hourly rate.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

When you’re ready to onboard your new employees, you need to make sure your process matches both your company’s culture and the employee’s specific position. Since employment contracts lay out all the specifics of the agreement between you and the employee, we recommend reviewing that contract during the employee’s first day. You should also create a training program that will prepare employees for their positions and their future with your company. If you have a small subsidiary, you can even onboard several employees at once to save time.

Benefits of Choosing Benin Hiring Outsourcing

Many companies don’t have the time to hire Benin employees on top of running the parent company and a new global location. That’s why Globalization Partners offers Benin hiring outsourcing services. We’ll hire your candidates as if they were a part of our team, but assign them to work for you. They’ll have a positive hiring experience, and you won’t have to worry about Benin employment compliance. As the Employer of Record, we’ll take on the stress of compliance.

Choose the Globalization Partners Team Today

The team at Globalization Partners envisions a world where every company can expand without a huge expense or time commitment. Contact us today to learn more about Benin hiring outsourcing.

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