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Burkina Faso Hiring

Your company isn’t an island. You need a strong team of dedicated employees to help make a new location successful, and you also need to meet Burkina Faso’s employment compliance laws to avoid delays and fines. Globalization Partners can help by providing Burkina Faso hiring outsourcing services. We can recruit top candidates or onboard your preferred candidates through our existing subsidiary. Our process will ensure that your employees enjoy a great hiring experience and stay productive from the start.

How to Hire Employees in Burkina Faso

While you’re not legally required to hire employees under an employment contract, we recommend writing a strong fixed- or indefinite-term contract. Fixed-term contracts must be in writing and cannot exceed three years. Indefinite-term contracts can be oral or written, but they must be in the local language and include several terms of employment. All offer letters and contracts should include compensation amounts in West African CFA francs.

Burkina Faso Employment Compliance Laws

Following Burkina Faso’s employment compliance laws will continue well into an employee’s tenure with your company. For example, employees working for public or private establishments typically work 40 hours a week. Agricultural holdings have fixed work hours at 2,400 a year, and the minister in charge of the work sets weekly limits.

If your employees work beyond their weekly fixed hours, it’s considered overtime, and they should receive a salary increase. Typically, collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) designate overtime compensation. However, the minister in charge of the work can work with the Labor Advisory Board to set overtime rates.

How Should You Onboard Employees?

Hiring Burkina Faso employees is only one part of the challenge of expanding. You also have to onboard your employees in a way that meets Burkina Faso’s employment compliance laws and your company’s goals. We recommend starting the onboarding process by reviewing important documents, such as an employment contract, your company code of conduct, and similar information.

You can make employees more comfortable by providing job training for their specific position and introducing them to other new hires at the same time. If your schedule permits, you should also try to travel to Burkina Faso for your employees’ first few days on the job or work with another member of your company who has the flexibility to travel.

Benefit of Burkina Faso Hiring Outsourcing Services

Imagine finding the perfect candidate only to lose them because you’re not sure you’ll establish a subsidiary in time to provide compensation and benefits. Globalization Partners eliminates this worry through Burkina Faso hiring outsourcing. We can hire employees and assign them to your company — all in a matter of days. You won’t have to establish a subsidiary, and you won’t have to learn the complicated ins and outs of Burkina Faso’s employment compliance laws.

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Our team will truly be here for you throughout the expansion process. If you’re ready to open a new location in Burkina Faso, contact us today to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your hiring process.

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