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Cambodia Recruiting and Hiring

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Recruiting and hiring are important aspects of any expansion. Your employees help run your company smoothly each day, and you need talented international candidates to help your subsidiary succeed. Globalization Partners simplifies hiring through Cambodia hiring outsourcing services. We can either find the right employees for you or hire your preferred candidates and assign them to work for you. Ultimately, your employees will have a better hiring experience, become productive sooner, and meet all local labor laws.

Recruiting in Cambodia

The country’s work environment is based on hierarchy and respect as well as the principles of tradition and deference. Without a thorough understanding of the country’s unique culture and work etiquette, you could have trouble connecting with candidates. Recruiting employees in Cambodia while adhering to the right cultural nuances will ensure your success and help you grow your business. Here are three steps to take to follow the country’s work etiquette.

1. Understand Face

Cambodians care about the concept of face, so it’s important not to criticize, embarrass, or insult someone. They will also refuse to tolerate pushy behavior and remain silent over disagreements. Be careful not to show emotion such as anger or impatience, as doing so can lead to a loss of face. When you’re talking with a potential candidate, keep things light, and don’t criticize the country as a whole.

2. Greet Everyone With a Handshake

Handshakes are commonplace in Cambodia, but wait until a woman extends her hand first before you offer yours. Everyone has an honorific title — Lok for a man and Lok Strey for a woman — that you should use to address your job candidates. Use titles with a person’s first name or both their first name and surname. Don’t maintain prolonged eye contact, as doing so can be considered rude. You should also speak clearly and avoid slang.

3. Keep Meetings Informal

Before you start discussing work matters, everyone will want to engage in small talk. Most expats get frustrated by this mentality, as gatherings don’t stick to any set schedule or agenda. However, you should be on time, as tardiness is frowned upon in the country. Meetings are usually long and will continue until everyone feels that each relevant matter was addressed. When you meet with a candidate, expect additional long meetings until the employee says yes or no to an offer.

The Recruitment Process in Cambodia

Staffing your Cambodia business will start with finding the most talented candidates. The country has numerous job boards, but they’re often used for junior positions or in situations where a company needs to recruit multiple staff members. Using this option can help you curate a large pool of applicants and reach thousands of people cheaply. However, anyone can apply without a screening process, meaning you’ll need the time and staff to look over all applicants.

Another popular option is to pay a recruitment agency to search and interview candidates. These companies will typically give you a shortlist of candidates who match your requirements. Unfortunately, not all agencies have positive reputations, and your company can face repercussions if the third party does not follow the right employment or recruiting laws.

Finally, you can work with a global PEO such as Globalization Partners. We’ll recruit and hire top talent on your behalf while acting as the Employer of Record. We’ll be responsible for compliance, ensuring that you can focus on growing your company while we handle staffing.

Laws to Follow

You can staff and recruit employers for your Cambodia business directly, but you have to notify the Placement Office of the ministry in charge of labor or the local Employment Office of any vacancies at your company. You’re prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their race, sex, language, religion, political views, or social status. However, you can select hires based on specific traits if the job requires certain skills.

Wages must be the same for all workers who have the same skills and output. To stop child labor, the country now has laws related to the minimum age of wage employment. Individuals must be at least 15 years old to work or 18 years old for a job that could harm their health, safety, or morality.

How to Hire Cambodian Workers

Cambodia requires that you hire all Cambodian employees under a fixed- or indefinite-term employment contract. Fixed contracts must be in writing and cannot extend longer than two years. Indefinite contracts can be oral or written, but we recommend drafting a strong written contract in Khmer. You can also hire employees under a probation period no longer than three months for regular employees, two months for specialized employees, and one month for unskilled employees.

All contracts should include important employment terms such as benefits, compensation, termination requirements, severance pay, and more. You should also make sure salary and compensation amounts in the contract and offer letter are in riel instead of another currency.

Cambodia’s Employment Compliance Laws

Once you understand how to hire Cambodian employees, you need to make sure you’re meeting the country’s employment compliance laws during your employees’ tenure. For example, employees typically work Monday through Saturday for a maximum of 48 hours a week. Collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and trade unions are common and may stipulate separate Cambodia employment compliance laws that you must follow for your industry.

How to Onboard Employees

Onboarding employees is largely left up to companies. Since every company is different, you should find a way to onboard your employees that matches your company’s culture, brand, and goals. We recommend reviewing employment contracts with employees on their first day or week to make sure all terms are acceptable. Other steps you can take to help employees feel more comfortable include:

  • Providing any job training that can help employees succeed
  • Traveling to Cambodia for the employee’s first week
  • Onboarding multiple employees at one time
  • Going over any other important company documents

Benefits of Cambodia Hiring Outsourcing Services

If you expand to Cambodia the traditional way through setting up a subsidiary, you must incorporate before you can hire Cambodian employees. The entire process can take weeks or months before you’re ready to fill your open positions, leading talented candidates to search for other jobs.

Globalization Partners offers Cambodia hiring outsourcing to help you hire employees faster. Our Employer of Record service enables us to hire employees who will work on your behalf without the need to establish a subsidiary. You can feel confident that all your employees will meet Cambodia’s employment compliance laws and start working for your team in just a few days.

Work With Globalization Partners

The team at Globalization Partners wants to make your expansion as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to learn more about Cambodia hiring outsourcing.

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