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Chad Work Visas and Permits

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When you expand your business into Chad, you’ll need a team of employees you can trust to help grow your bottom line. If you’re planning to recruit candidates from all over the world, you’ll need to learn how to get a Chad work visa for every foreigner. This process will be required on top of everything else you’ll be doing — running a new company, dealing with international payroll, and sourcing the right benefits.

Globalization Partners will be the perfect partner to you throughout a global expansion. We’ll use our existing PEO in Chad as the infrastructure for your expansion. You can add your employees to our payroll, benefits plan, and more to start working fast without establishing a subsidiary. We’ll even make sure your employees have the right Chad working visas for total compliance.

Available Work Visas in Chad

All foreigners must have a passport and a valid visa to enter Chad unless they’re citizens from Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, the Republic of Central Africa, Congo, Gabon, Niger, or Equatorial Guinea. Citizens of any of these nations can enter Chad and stay for up to 90 days without a valid visa. In addition, some individuals can obtain visas on arrival as long as they have an Entry Authorization letter issued by Chad authorities. Only Benin citizens can obtain a visa on arrival without an authorization letter.

The two overarching visa types for everyone else include business and tourist visas. Business visas are issued to individuals who need to attend sales meetings, conferences, or seminars or must travel for business or provide services. Individuals traveling to Chad for family emergencies, family visits, sightseeing, or other tourist purposes can apply for a tourist visa.

The categories are further broken down into single-entry and multiple-entry options. Single-entry visas are valid for one month, while multiple-entry visas are good for three months. You can extend a visa and also obtain a work permit depending on an employee’s work agreement and the duration of their stay.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Chad Work Visa?

The requirements for a Chad working visa depend on the type your employees need. That said, some of the most common documents necessary for both include:

  • An original signed passport that’s valid for six months beyond the stay
  • Two blank passport pages for visa stamps
  • A signed application form
  • One recent, passport-sized photo
  • A letter of invitation from your company or another local sponsor explaining the applicant’s purpose of travel
  • Proof of length of stay, accommodation, host’s name, and contact information
  • A letter on your company letterhead introducing the applicant and their employment status
  • Indication of who is financially responsible for the applicant
  • A proof of flight itinerary from the airline or travel agency or a copy of airline tickets
  • A certificate showing yellow fever vaccination

Chad visas are usually processed in about four business days, but you can pay an additional fee for rush or emergency service depending on your needs.

The Application Process for a Work Permit in Chad

All individuals planning to work in Chad will need a work permit to stay compliant. You, as the employer, must file a request to the National Office for Employment Promotion (ONAPE) before beginning a work contract with a foreigner. All expats need the right legal documents to be eligible for a work permit, including:

Employment authorization not exceeding a year

  • A resident card
  • A long-term visa and a return visa
  • A labor contract with a limited duration
  • You will also need to register for tax and social security on behalf of your employees.

Other Unique Considerations When Expanding

All travelers must register with the police within 72 hours of arriving or face a fine. If your employees are traveling with their children, they may need to prove parental responsibility.

Why Work With Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners knows the complexities of a global expansion, which is why we make it easier through our Global Expansion Platform™. We’re the experts you can trust to handle everything from payroll to benefits and compensation while using our existing infrastructure to help you work fast. Reach out to us today for more information about how working with our team can help with your expansion.

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