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Colombia Hiring

You need to put together a strong team in Colombia to establish your business. However, employing Colombia workers also means meeting all employment laws to stay compliant. Here is everything you need to know about the employee hiring process and choosing to outsource.

How to Hire Employees in Colombia

Hiring in Colombia starts with creating a written employment contract and offer letter. Make sure you include an outline of an employee’s probationary period and put the salary and compensation amounts in Colombian pesos.

Probationary periods in Columbia are two months maximum for undefined term contracts and fixed-term contracts between one and three years. For fixed-term contracts outlining less than one year of work, the probationary period cannot be more than one-fifth of the agreed term.

Colombia Employment Compliance

The three regulations that handle Colombia employment compliance are the Constitution, the Substantive Labour Code, and the Social Security Regime. The maximum amount of hours an employee can work per week is 48, either Monday through Friday or Monday through Saturday. Your employees cannot work more than two extra hours each day or 12 extra hours each week. For each extra hour an employee works, they receive an additional 25% of their salary on top of their base pay or 75% more if they work on Sundays or holidays.

Employers in Colombia typically pay their employees monthly. More casual employees are paid weekly. Colombia employment compliance also mandates that you give employees a payslip and that they get a minimum wage of 828,116 Pesos each month.

How to Onboard Employees

Once you set up your subsidiary and hire Colombia employees, you’ll need a streamlined process through which to onboard them. While there is no right or wrong way to onboard employees, it is best to start by going over the terms of the employment contract. You can also mention areas such as dress code, working hours, and code of conduct expectations.

Although it might require extensive travel time, try to fly back and forth to Colombia throughout the hiring process to create a bond with your new hires. You can also send another person from management to Colombia for a new hire’s first day.

Benefits of Colombia Hiring Outsourcing

Choosing Globalization Partners for your Colombia hiring outsourcing offers multiple benefits. First, we’ll help you find the top talent that will grow your subsidiary. Finding the best workers is especially crucial to get a new business in a new country off the ground.

You’ll also need extensive knowledge of Colombia employment compliance to pay employees on time and make sure you are within every law. If you do not have the time or money to learn these ins and outs, Globalization Partners can help. We act as the Employer of Record, hiring employees on your behalf and assuming the risk. Our wealth of knowledge ensures your subsidiary will always be compliant.

Partner With Globalization Partners

If you are ready to hire employees in Colombia, contact Globalization Partners today. We’ll help you get the top talent you need and make sure your subsidiary succeeds.

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