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Costa Rica Hiring

Hiring can prove difficult anywhere, but it’s even more of a challenge in a new country. You must learn Costa Rica’s employment compliance laws, find top talent, and hire the right employees who will help grow your business. Globalization Partners offers Costa Rica hiring outsourcing services to make your expansion easier. We will hire employees to work on your behalf and take the burden of compliance off your shoulders.

How to Hire Costa Rican Employees

If you opt to hire employees in Costa Rica on your own, you need to understand the country’s culture to communicate with job candidates effectively. Costa Ricans are typically outgoing and enjoy casual chatting. You should wait to start talking business until the associate initiates the conversation.

Prepare to deliberate over the employment contract as Costa Ricans tend not to be big risk takers. They typically avoid direct confrontation and may agree with you only out of politeness. When reviewing an employment contract, you should make sure the Costa Rican employee you’re hiring agrees with the terms.

Employment Compliance Laws in Costa Rica

In 2017, the Labor Procedure Reform (RPL) went into effect and overhauled Costa Rica’s employment compliance laws. It included information about terminating employees, initiating a strike, and litigating employment disputes. However, there are other laws to understand before hiring Costa Rican employees.

For example, you are legally required to hire employees under a strong employment contract in the local language. The contract should include everything from compensation to termination requirements. You should also put compensation amounts in colón instead of foreign currency.

How to Onboard Employees

Once you understand how to hire employees in Costa Rica, you must create a plan to onboard them. Costa Rica employment compliance laws do not include any specific ways to onboard employees, so you’re free to use a process that fits your company’s culture and needs. We recommend going over the employment contract with employees during their first day or week, in addition to any important company documents.

If possible, clear your schedule to be in Costa Rica for at least part of the onboarding process. If you cannot make it, try to find another company executive who can. Onboarding multiple employees at one time is another strategy to help streamline the process, save you time, and promote positive office relationships.

The Benefit of Costa Rica Hiring Outsourcing

Instead of learning all of Costa Rica’s employment compliance laws and hiring employees on your own, you can choose to outsource. While you can work with any outsourcing firm to hire employees, you will still be held responsible for employment compliance. Globalization Partners’ Costa Rica hiring outsourcing services are different. We hire the right employees for your company as well as handle matters of compliance as the Employer of Record.

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