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Croatia Hiring

Hiring is a complex process in any country, especially in one where you are trying to expand. In Croatia, strong laws protect against discrimination and other employment practices. To stay compliant, you’ll need to understand every aspect of these laws before you hire employees in Croatia. Luckily, Globalization Partners can help. We are experts in assisting companies during expansion, and we take all the risk so you can focus on running your business.

How to Hire Employees in Croatia

You cannot hire any employees or begin operations until your business is registered correctly. The process to set up a subsidiary could take months, but once you’re ready, hiring starts with getting specific personal information from your prospective employees. You’ll then need to draft an employment contract per Croatia employment law that includes:

  • The employee’s permanent residence
  • A description of the job
  • Date of hiring and termination for a definite duration contract
  • Amount of paid annual leave
  • Salary
  • Working hours
  • Notices

Croatia Employment Compliance

One thing to note about Croatia employment compliance is the tension between ethnic Croatians and the 30 different minorities living in the country. Employment law forbids discrimination, so employers need to make sure all policies are in line with the law. Before you hire Croatian employees, make sure you have the right procedures and training to handle discrimination and harassment in your office.

The law requires companies to draft an employment contract written in Croatian that spells out all the terms of employment. In both the employment contract and offer letter, you should put the wages and compensation amounts in the native Croatian Kuna instead of foreign currency.

How to Onboard Employees in Croatia

After you hire employees, you’ll need to figure out the best way to onboard them. While there is no right or wrong way, it’s best to go over the employment contract with employees before their first day. If you’re still working out of the parent company, you should also try to travel to Croatia for your opening day. This practice can go a long way in establishing a positive workplace culture.

Benefits of Croatia Hiring Outsourcing

Waiting to set up a subsidiary before hiring could take months. If your employees desperately need a job, they may have to look to other places instead of waiting for your subsidiary. Alternatively, you can work with Globalization Partners for your Croatia hiring outsourcing.

We use our already established subsidiaries to hire employees in Croatia on your behalf. Our Employer of Record Platform allows us to run payroll, handle HR, take care of taxes, and more. You won’t have to worry about staying compliant, as we lift that burden from your shoulders onto ours.

Work With Globalization Partners

Enjoy all the benefits of starting your business in Croatia as soon as possible. Globalization Partners will help you reduce a process that typically takes months down to a few days. Contact us today to learn more.

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