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Cyprus Recruiting and Hiring

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The Cyprus hiring process is not a task to take lightly. The companies that will excel in foreign countries are the ones that hire the right employees. When you hire Cyprus employees who are talented, motivated, and committed to your company, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your company around the world. But do you have the time or knowledge to handle the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes?

Globalization Partners helps companies expand quickly through Cyprus hiring outsourcing. Our team knows how important hiring is, which is why we’re willing to hire employees who work for your company through our Cyprus PEO. You won’t need to worry about recruitment, how to onboard employees in a productive way, or whether you’re meeting Cyprus employment compliance laws — we’ll take care of everything.

Recruiting in Cyprus

When expanding your business into a new country, it’s normal to be concerned about cultural barriers. A social faux pas could lead to misunderstandings and cause you to miss opportunities with top talent. With some research, however, your company will be prepared to adapt smoothly and communicate effectively with employees from any culture.

When recruiting in Cyprus, incorporate these cultural norms into your business etiquette as you meet prospective local employees and conduct business meetings.

1. Plan Your Meetings Ahead of Time

In general, Cypriots prefer meeting face-to-face communication rather than talking over the phone or email. It’s important to set up appointments in advance by formally requesting a meeting and confirming your attendance in writing. You’re expected to arrive at any established meeting on time.

2. Give Gifts

Gift giving is an expected part of Cypriot business exchanges. In a corporate setting, small branded gifts are normal. If you visit a person’s home, it’s polite to bring a consumable gift or flowers. Avoid white lilies, as these are used at funerals. Don’t be surprised if the recipient doesn’t open a gift in front of you, as this is considered common courtesy.

3. Dress Conservatively

The country follows typical European norms when it comes to dress codes for business meetings. Err on the conservative side — such as suits for men and a skirt or pantsuit for women — to demonstrate respect.

4. Prioritize Relationships

Cyprus is a highly social culture where relationships come first, including in the business sector. Many professional relationships begin with a social event, such as coffee or lunch meeting, before broaching business. Cypriot relationships often take time to develop and may include many social outings and extended shared meals. Trust is viewed as the cornerstone of the professional world, and the implication of broken trust can be devastating to business relationships.

5. Emphasize Greetings and Farewells

Individual greetings and farewells are very important in Cypriot culture. When meeting, Cypriots typically maintain direct eye contact and greet each other with a smile and handshake, using the Greek “kaliméra” as a morning greeting or “kalispéra” to mean “good evening.” It is considered polite to wait for an invitation before calling someone by their first name. Before leaving, be sure to say goodbye to each person individually.

The Recruitment Process in Cyprus

The processes for Cyprus staffing and recruiting may differ from your in-country norms and expectations. When beginning to map out your recruiting strategy, it’s important to note that the current job market is highly candidate-driven. Qualified professionals are in short supply across every major sector of the market, from accountants and marketing executives to IT specialists and sales staff.

You will likely find that your office’s vacancies compete with many others when building out your staff. As a result, top talent can afford to be very selective with where they choose to accept employment.

Your Cyprus staffing and recruiting approach must adapt accordingly. To successfully recruit local talent, start by advertising. With many other companies also in need of new hires, it’s crucial to cover your bases. Posting your open positions in newspapers and online job boards is one approach. You may also want to consider partnering with a global PEO, also known as an employer of record, with an established presence in-country to speed up the recruitment process and ensure you have access to the best candidates.

The following tips will help you establish an effective recruitment process:

  • Follow cultural norms and traditions to avoid misunderstandings and create respectful relationships.
  • Ensure your job posting is legally compliant and includes both expected and required benefits and perks.
  • Establish a strong reputation for quality work and excellent employee treatment.
  • Act quickly and decisively to secure a successful applicant before another company does.

How to Hire Employees in Cyprus

Cyprus does not legally require a written employment contract, but the law does mandate for employers to state all the terms of employment in writing. If you’re discussing how to hire Cyprus employees, we recommend putting an employment contract in writing to create a clear agreement. Use the employee’s local language to spell out everything from compensation and bonuses to termination requirements and pension. All offer letters and contracts should use Euro instead of another currency.

Cyprus Employment Compliance Laws

Cyprus employment compliance laws vary based on the type of employee being hired. For example, employers must adhere to the Alien and Migration Law when hiring foreign nationals and the Law on Free Movement and Residence of Nationals of the Member States of the European Union and their Families when hiring EU nationals. All other employment is governed by the Department of Labor and the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

Keep in mind that trade unions and collective agreements are fairly common in Cyprus. Industries such as transportation, hospitality, maritime, and building typically have agreements in addition to employment contracts. Always check to see if there are differing laws in a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), as they can go beyond statutory minimums.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

Your company will ultimately get to choose how to onboard employees to meet your requirements. However, we do recommend starting the process by reviewing an employment contract and having the employee sign the document before they begin working. Then, you can create events for new hires to meet each other, training programs to familiarize employees with their jobs, and incentive programs for workers to reach certain goals early in their careers.

Benefits of Cyprus Hiring Outsourcing

If your company is busy and unable to handle hiring or onboarding, you can benefit from Cyprus hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners. Instead of taking the time to incorporate in Cyprus, you can use our existing and compliant subsidiary. Our team will either recruit top talent or onboard the individuals you’ve already chosen using our proven hiring process. We guarantee every employee will have a positive hiring process, and they can start being productive immediately.

Choose Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is a global PEO with the experience you need during an expansion. Contact us today to learn more about Cyprus hiring outsourcing.

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