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Denmark Hiring

Expanding your company to Denmark requires more than finding a building and getting to work. You’ll have to draft employment contracts, run HR services, figure out various tax laws, and learn the ins and outs of employment compliance in an unfamiliar country. Instead, Globalization Partners offers an easier way to expand. We are experts in Denmark employment compliance, and we pass that expertise on to you to save time, money, and resources.

How to Hire Employees in Denmark

You’ll need to follow some Denmark employment compliance laws when recruiting and hiring employees. For example, all recruiting must be non-discriminatory, and employers cannot receive any information about candidates’ race, faith, political view, sexual preferences, and more during the recruitment process. The only information you can collect is health data that is relevant to determine whether your potential candidate has a disease that could significantly impact the job.

Knowing what type of Denmark employees you need to hire is also important. The country categorizes employees into three groups — executive officers, white-collar salaried employees, and blue-collar salaried workers. The hiring process and legal framework can differ based on the type of employment relationship.

Denmark Employment Compliance

Hiring employees in Denmark is straightforward and flexible with few legal requirements regarding contracts, termination, and holidays. You can determine employment terms and working conditions with the labor market parties instead of basing it off statutory regulations. However, collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) are a tremendous part of Danish employment laws, so working with employees covered by a CBA is common.

A good practice is to draft an employment contract and offer letter that includes any standard benefits as well as the employee’s salary. Both the written agreement and offer letter should include salary and compensation amounts in Danish Krone instead of foreign currency. This practice can help you meet any Denmark employment compliance laws.

How to Onboard Employees

The country does not have any specific laws about onboarding employees besides getting their necessary paperwork ready and submitted. However, you can take several steps to make your employees feel more comfortable:

  • Go over the employment contract before the employee’s first day
  • Outline any other expectations such as dress code and working hours
  • Fly to Denmark for the employee’s first day or send another representative
  • Create a clear workplace culture

Benefits of Denmark Hiring Outsourcing

Denmark hiring outsourcing with a global PEO such as Globalization Partners offers many benefits. We will source the best talent for you and employ them under our subsidiary. You can get your team started working right away, saving you time and money. You also won’t have any pressure to learn every aspect of how to hire Denmark employees. We take all the liability for you so that you can focus solely on running your company.

Choose Globalization Partners

If you’re ready to expand to Denmark, contact Globalization Partners today. We will help you learn about Denmark employment compliance and show you all the benefits of hiring outsourcing.

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