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Djibouti Work Visas & Permits

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If your company is in the beginning stages of planning a global expansion, you’ll find that you have many options to consider. Working in Djibouti is a unique and enriching experience, but it can also be a challenge. Djibouti’s economy is not as strong as that of many other nations in Africa, although the country does offer opportunities for international development. You’ll also need to make sure all of your employees have the appropriate visas and permits before they begin working in Djibouti.

When you first start your expansion planning, you may be unsure how to get a work visa in Djibouti. If that’s the case, Globalization Partners can help. Our team will handle the entire process, from providing work permits and immigration support to setting up payroll and compensation. We’ll ensure that your company is compliant with all of Djibouti’s laws and regulations from the start.

What Types of Work Visas Are Issued in Djibouti?

Foreign nationals have several options for visas to enter Djibouti, including business visas and tourist e-visas. To live and work in Djibouti, foreign employees will need three documents:

  • Entry visa
  • Residence permit
  • Work permit

The residence permit functions as an identity card for foreign nationals.

Djibouti Working Visa Requirements

Before traveling to Djibouti, foreign employees will need to obtain an entry visa. Visa requirements vary, but applicants will need a passport that’s valid for at least six months after the planned departure date. Passports must also have a minimum of two blank pages, and applicants will need to be vaccinated for yellow fever.

In addition to an entry visa, your employees will need to obtain a residency permit and a work permit. The documents required to obtain these permits include:

A copy of the employment contract with a company based in Djibouti

  • A valid passport
  • A long-stay visa
  • Four passport photos
  • A copy of the Free Zone company license
  • A written request with the details of the job position and employer

What Steps Need to Be Taken to Obtain a Work Visa in Djibouti?

Because job opportunities are somewhat scarce in Djibouti, expatriates typically obtain jobs before beginning the visa application process. Your company should start the process by preparing an employment contract for any foreign workers who intend to relocate to Djibouti.

Before traveling to Djibouti, each foreign employee will need to get an entry visa. The requirements, costs, and application processes for this visa will vary depending on the applicant’s country of residence. For this reason, it’s recommended that employees reach out to the embassy or diplomatic mission representing Djibouti in their country.

Applicants should apply for a visa well in advance of their planned date of departure, as processing may take several weeks depending on their country of residence.

Employees will also need a residence permit, or identity card, and a work permit. In Djibouti, it’s common for the employer to apply for these permits on behalf of any foreign employees. The applications should be submitted simultaneously. The processing time for a work permit in Djibouti is typically seven business days.

Other Important Considerations for Foreign Workers in Djibouti

Foreign nationals are advised to carry a copy of their passport at all times while they’re in Djibouti. Your company should inform all employees of this advisement prior to each worker’s relocation.

How Can Globalization Partners Help Your Company Grow?

If this is your company’s first time moving operations to another country, remember that it can be helpful to have a global PEO on your side. If you’ve already expanded into the global marketplace, you likely know how challenging it can be to meet unique visa requirements and regulations everywhere you go. Our team of global experts can provide access to all the resources and support you require throughout this process, ensuring that your company’s transition to Djibouti is a smooth one.

Are you ready to start employing top talent in Djibouti? We’ll launch your international team quickly while keeping your costs and risks to a minimum. Reach out to the Globalization Partners team today to learn more about our Global Expansion Platform™ and how we can keep you compliant throughout your expansion to Djibouti and beyond.

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