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Egypt Recruiting & Hiring

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Choosing to expand to Egypt means you’re investing in the country and its people. That starts with hiring talented employees you can trust to help you build your company. However, you’ll need the time to recruit those employees, onboard them, and follow Egypt’s employment compliance laws.

Globalization Partners can simplify the process by outsourcing your Egypt hiring process. We’ll hire employees who work on your behalf through our existing subsidiary, and we can ensure you meet all the country’s employment compliance laws so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than running your company.

Recruiting in Egypt

Before you start working in an Egyptian office, you’ll need to adjust to the culture and workplace norms. Understanding these nuances before you begin recruiting employees can help you find the most talented candidates and retain them for longer. Below are three steps you should consider before expanding and undertaking the hiring process.

1. Work With an Intermediary

It can help to hire an agent or intermediary to aid with business or hiring employees in Egypt. This local person can speed up the business process and help you form connections. Typically, people will not decide to do business until they like someone, so it’s important to nurture the social side of the relationship.

Most individuals in this country want a thorough presentation of information, so make sure you research and support your claims when negotiating or extending an employment offer. Don’t use high-pressure tactics. Although Egyptians are known as tough negotiators, they won’t respond to pressure.

2. Understand the Slow Business Pace

Compared to European countries, the pace of business in Egypt is slow. Don’t expect immediate results, as people often keep foreign trade partners waiting. This attitude extends to business hours too. Most workdays run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the summer and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the winter.

Friday is the Muslim holy day, so most companies do not conduct business that day. Many employees will want off on Thursdays as well. Keep these dates in mind when you’re setting interviews with candidates, and avoid scheduling anything during Ramadan.

3. Follow the Right Body Language

Always make eye contact with male colleagues and business associates, as doing so demonstrates honesty and trust. Arab men will often walk together hand in hand, but individuals who follow a more western style will rarely do so. If someone holds your hand, consider it a gesture of friendship.

When you greet a candidate for the first time, you should offer your right hand. The country’s culture considers the left hand to be unclean, so you should never use it unless you are handling something dirty. Pointing with your fingers and showing the bottom of your feet are also considered very offensive.

The Recruitment Process in Egypt

You have two choices for staffing your company — hire locals or expats. However, the Companies Law of Egypt requires you to mostly hire locals, as only 10% of your staff can be foreigners with salaries that do not exceed 20% of total wages. In any free zones, 25% of your total employees can be foreigners.

You must follow other labor laws during recruiting to stay compliant. You have the right to collect personal information related to the employment application, compensation, and benefits, but you need to avoid discriminatory practices. The Labor Law, published in 2003, protects employees from discrimination based on gender, language, origin, or religion.

You can keep a file for each employee, including their qualifications, certificates, and histories from previous employers.

Religion in the Workplace

Unlike in other nations, religion is common in Egyptian workplaces. Many Muslim workers will want the right to pray in your space. While you’re not obligated to join them, you should respect their privacy and allow them to practice their religion.

Although women can work with men in most offices, Islam sometimes requires them to be segregated and placed in different rooms. Some female workers will wear their hijab to work, while others will want to be fully veiled. You should outline employees’ religious freedoms while handling staffing and recruiting tasks.

How to Hire Employees in Egypt

Hiring employees in Egypt needs to start with an employment contract that’s either fixed-term or indefinite. Egypt allows fixed-term contracts for up to five years, but employees who work after those five years are considered to have indefinite-term contracts.

All employment contracts need to be written in triplicate and Arabic. You should include certain employment terms such as compensation, benefits, and termination requirements that you and the employee agree on. All offer letters and contracts should include salary and compensation amounts in Egyptian pounds instead of another currency.

Egypt Employment Compliance Laws

Egyptians typically work 40 hours Sunday through Thursday. You should outline any overtime compensation in the employment contract. While collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and trade unions are not as common in Egypt as in other countries, you should still check to see if your industry or employees are covered by one since they can change the Egypt employment compliance laws you must follow.

How Do You Onboard Employees in Egypt?

Onboarding employees in Egypt must include obtaining certain documents, such as:

  • A scanned copy of their National ID
  • Their social security number
  • Bank details and SWIFT Code
  • Original academic certificate
  • Photos
  • A police check
  • Original military certificate for men
  • Labor certificate

After you curate these documents and information, you’re ready to onboard employees in a way that makes them the most comfortable working for your company. We recommend reviewing the employment contract, your company’s code of conduct, and other relevant factors that will affect the experience these employees have. You can also schedule any training the employee will need during their first week so that they feel confident about starting in their new position.

Benefits of Egypt Hiring Outsourcing Services

Instead of spending the time to recruit the best employees and learn about Egypt employment compliance, you can work with Globalization Partners and allow us to outsource your hiring. Unlike a local recruitment company, we can hire employees who work on your behalf. We’ll also take the matter of compliance off your shoulders and onto our own so that you can focus on more important elements of running your company. Through Egypt hiring outsourcing, we’ll help make your expansion easier.

Contact Globalization Partners for More Information

Globalization Partners is the solution to your Egyptian hiring needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Egypt hiring outsourcing services and get started.

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