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El Salvador Hiring

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When you need to hire employees for your parent company, where do you turn? Maybe you post your listings on industry job boards, or you reach out to people on LinkedIn. It may not be possible to use the same practices in El Salvador, so how do you hire El Salvador employees while taking care of so many other tasks?

Globalization Partners understands the challenges of hiring during an expansion, and we can provide El Salvador hiring outsourcing services on your behalf. We’ll recruit individuals for your positions or hire people you’ve already hand-selected. If you hire through our global PEO, you can start working in a day or two, and employees can be productive from day one.

How to Hire Employees in El Salvador

The best way to hire employees in El Salvador is through an oral or written contract, though we recommend a strong written contract in Spanish. Every employment contract needs to include compensation, benefits, health insurance options, termination requirements, entitlement terms, workings hours, and more. Make sure your offer letters and contracts always include compensation and salary amounts in US dollars.

El Salvador Employment Compliance Laws

El Salvador’s employment compliance laws depend on whether you hire foreign or local employees. You cannot hire more than 10% of your company as foreign employees, and those foreigners cannot receive more than 15% of total salaries paid to employees. Once you hire an employee, you have to register them in the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (ISSS) and the Pension Fund Association (AFP).

Keep in mind that laws and regulations also apply to working hours and overtime. El Salvador has a six-day workweek that totals 44 hours. Overtime should get paid at 100% of the employee’s base salary, and workers can create their own hours by working an extra hour on weekdays to take more time off on the weekend.

Top Ways to Onboard Employees

You can onboard employees using any type of process that works best for your company. We recommend reviewing the employment contract with new employees during their first week to ensure both parties agree to all the terms. Then, you should enroll all new employees in a training program based on their position.

Why Choose El Salvador Hiring Outsourcing With Globalization Partners?

You don’t have to set up a subsidiary in El Salvador before hiring employees. Globalization Partners offers a better way through El Salvador hiring outsourcing. We’ll hire your employees through our El Salvador PEO and ensure that they have a positive hiring experience and can start working productively from day one. Plus, we’ll make sure your company meets El Salvador’s employment compliance laws, taking the risk associated with compliance off your shoulders.

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