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Equatorial Guinea Recruiting & Hiring

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Part of your company’s success hinges on your ability to hire and recruit the right people. While you have many tasks to complete during an expansion to Equatorial Guinea, hiring is one of the most important. You need to find talented candidates, hire them according to Equatorial Guinea’s employment compliance laws, and onboard them using a proven process.

Globalization Partners knows how time-consuming the hiring process can be, especially in a foreign country with new labor laws. That’s why we offer Equatorial Guinea hiring outsourcing as part of our suite of global expansion services. You can count on our team to recruit the right people, hire them using our global PEO, and take on the risk for you.

Recruiting in Equatorial Guinea

If it’s your first time working in Equatorial Guinea, you may not understand all the cultural nuances that come with the work environment. Knowing the right business etiquette for each ethnic group can help you personally connect with each candidate and show them that your company cares. Below are three key areas to understand before you start recruiting in Equatorial Guinea. 

1. Greetings Are Important

Many people value greetings as a lengthy form of social interaction. Typically, you start by shaking hands. Then, you stand close to another person while talking to them, maybe even touching or holding hands. If you’re greeting an elder, professional, or anyone in a position of authority, you must treat them with particular deference. Keep in mind that job candidates meeting someone from your company may show the same level of respect. 

2. Use the Right Titles

For people in cities, it’s important to use the proper titles when addressing someone. It’s common to use Señor or Mr., or Señora or Mrs., or another official title with someone’s last name. Respected older people may be addressed as Don or Doña with their first name. In more rural areas, people use first names or African nicknames. 

3. Share a Meal

Eating is an important part of society, with people in urban areas following Spanish eating customs. This often includes a light breakfast, main meal around midday, and a light dinner later at night. People in rural areas will only eat a light meal in the middle of the morning and a large meal right before dusk. If you need to meet with a candidate over a meal, it may be best to do so at night or in the morning to avoid spending significant time eating a main course. 

The Recruitment Process in Equatorial Guinea

Recruiting in Equatorial Guinea often follows two different processes depending on who you want to hire. If you want to employ a nonresident, they will need a work permit that you apply for. Before that, the individual will need to apply for the authorization of recruitment. Then, as the employer, you’ll fill out the application at the employment office.

If you choose to hire locals, you can advertise your open positions in any newspaper, on a job posting website, or your company’s website. Some people may send resumes directly to your human resources department, so it’s important to have the staff in place before you start advertising open jobs. Consider posting on more niche sites, too, as you may need to comb through numerous applications on a more general job site. 

Meeting the Requirements for Recruiting and Staffing

As an employer, you have a few general obligations you must meet before you begin staffing your Equatorial Guinea business. For example, if you don’t have specific industry regulations, you will need to create policies on certain topics to help create a safe and healthy work environment. You must implement a: 

  • Safety policy. 
  • Environment policy.
  • Fire and evacuation procedure. 
  • Alcohol and substance use policy. 
  • Medical policy. 

You will also need to hold occasional workplace safety meetings and complete environmental health and safety meetings. 

It’s important to note that the country currently does not have some laws that are deemed necessary in other countries. For example, no law prohibits sexual harassment, and the government has not tried to address the problem. While the constitution addresses equality between men and women, the country primarily follows the Spanish civil code from 1968. These laws discriminate against women in terms of nationality, personal property, and inheritance. 

This setting puts your company in a unique position to create your own regulations. Instituting a robust policy against any type of discrimination can attract a diverse group of candidates and make your company more desirable.

How to Hire Equatorial Guinea Employees

No matter what country you’re in, you should hire all employees using an employment contract. It’s best to use an oral or written contract in French, Spanish, or Portuguese. Make sure you include all key terms of employment, including salary, bonuses, benefits, termination requirements, and more. You should also list all compensation amounts in Central African CFA francs.

Equatorial Guinea Employment Compliance Laws

Equatorial Guinea’s employment compliance laws are mostly found in the EG Labor Law. If that law doesn’t have a particular policy, you must follow the EG Employment Policy. Keep in mind that if you want to hire foreign workers instead of hiring Equatorial Guinea employees, you’ll need to comply with work permit and residency requirements. Permits are valid for one year and can be renewed, but the Ministry of Labor will not issue one until you write and file a formal contract. All residence documents come from the Ministry of National Security.

How to Onboard Your Employees

After you hire your Equatorial Guinea employees, you’ll be ready to onboard them. This process looks different for every company depending on specific goals, but we recommend reviewing all essential documents such as an employment contract, code of conduct, and more. Then, you can start training employees for their specific positions as well as your company’s general processes. If your schedule allows, try traveling to Equatorial Guinea to welcome new employees and show that you’re invested in their success.

Benefits of Equatorial Guinea Hiring Outsourcing

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of hiring employees, learning Equatorial Guinea’s employment compliance laws, and running your parent company and subsidiary, you can benefit from Equatorial Guinea hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners. We’ll use our Equatorial Guinea PEO to hire your employees according to local laws, which means you won’t have to set up your own subsidiary or worry about compliance. We’ll either onboard your preferred candidates or recruit top talent to fill your open positions.

Contact Us to Learn More

Your expansion doesn’t have to be fraught with tension and stress. Use our global expansion platform to expand faster without worrying about compliance. Reach out to us today for more information as well as help hiring Equatorial Guinea employees without hassle, risk, or stress.

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