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Estonia Hiring

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Are you ready to get to work in a new country such as Estonia? If so, you need a team behind you that’s ready to help you succeed. But it can prove difficult to hire Estonia employees while your time and energy are pulled in many different directions. Fortunately, Globalization Partners can help. We use our Estonia PEO to offer Estonia hiring outsourcing services to companies expanding to the country. We’ll even act as the Employer of Record to handle all matters of compliance on your behalf.

How to Hire Estonia Employees

Although Estonia is a small country, its developed nature means you can hire from a highly educated and creative workforce. International meetings are commonly held in English, but you should still make sure all documents you use to hire Estonia employees get translated into Estonian.

Most employees in the country should have an employment contract unless they’re an independent contractor. As an employer, you’re responsible for making sure employees are eligible to work in the country. European Union (EU) citizens can work in Estonia as long as they get a right of residency, but temporary residents must have work permits.

Estonia Employment Compliance Laws

Estonia’s employment compliance laws require you to use a written employment contract to hire employees. Each contract must include a specific set of terms, including:

  • Identification for both parties
  • Date of entry into employment
  • Description of duties
  • Official title
  • Salary and other monetary benefits
  • Working hours
  • Place of performance of work
  • Duration of holidays

Keep in mind that all contracts should be written in the employee’s local language. All salary and compensation amounts should also be in Euro instead of another currency. Make sure your new employee signs the contract before their first day and that all the times are satisfactory between parties.

Onboarding Employees in This Country

You can decide yourself on the best way to onboard employees, but you should take certain steps to make the employment relationship successful. We recommend reviewing all important company documents on an employee’s first day. Then, you can put employees in a training program specific to their position with the company.

If you have a small subsidiary with only a few employees, you should try to onboard all new hires at the same time. That way, you can travel to Estonia to welcome new team members and create events that allow all new hires to bond.

Benefits of Estonia Hiring Outsourcing

Companies going through an expansion often can’t find the time to learn how to hire Estonia employees and stay compliant. You won’t have to worry when you work with Globalization Partners. We’ll hire employees through our subsidiary and assign them to work for your company. Estonia hiring outsourcing also ensures that you won’t have to worry about compliance. We’ll be the ones responsible for all of Estonia’s employment compliance laws, so you can focus on what’s important — building your company.

Work With Our Team

The Globalization Partners team is ready to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about Estonia hiring outsourcing and our global expansion platform.

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