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Gabon Hiring

Every company that has ever hired a new employee knows it can be time-consuming to find the right candidates. Hiring is even more difficult in a foreign country where you have to navigate a new set of employment compliance laws, run multiple company locations, and set up a subsidiary.

That’s why Globalization Partners makes it easier for businesses to expand to new places through our suite of global expansion services. We offer Gabon hiring outsourcing to either find the right talent for your positions or onboard your preferred candidates. We’ll use our Gabon PEO so that you don’t have to spend months setting up your own Gabon subsidiary. Plus, we’ll manage the risk of compliance as the Employer of Record, which means you can focus solely on running your company.

How to Hire Employees in Gabon

Gabon has a diverse population that speaks many different languages, including French and Fang. If you don’t have employees who speak these languages, we recommend hiring an interpreter who can work with you to hire the best candidates. You can also hire Gabon employees under a probationary period no longer than six months for clerical staff and no longer than three months for office staff, technicians, and supervisors. All other employees can have a maximum of one month as a probationary period.

Gabon Employment Compliance Laws

Gabon’s employment compliance laws require you to create either a verbal or written employment contract that’s fixed or indefinite. You can use fixed-term contracts for up to two years, and you can also renew them once. All employment contracts should include compensation, benefits, termination terms, and more. Plus, compensation and salary amounts should always be in Central African CFA francs instead of another currency.

How Should You Onboard Employees?

You don’t have to onboard employees using one specific method, but you can take certain steps to make them more comfortable in their new environment, including:

  • Providing job training tailored to each position
  • Reviewing important documents such as the employment contract, code of conduct, and similar information
  • Onboarding multiple employees at the same time to allow new individuals to meet one another and bond
  • Traveling to Gabon for an employee’s first day with the company

Benefit of Gabon Hiring Outsourcing

Some companies don’t have the time to learn how to hire employees in Gabon or the expertise to deal with Gabon employment compliance laws. Globalization Partners will work hard to make your expansion easier with Gabon hiring outsourcing. As a result, you can benefit from obtaining the best talent as we source the perfect candidates for your position. All employees will have a positive hiring experience and can start being productive for your company from day one.

You won’t have to waste months establishing your own subsidiary either, as you can use our existing Gabon PEO.

Globalization Partners Can Make Your Expansion Easier

You can trust the team at Globalization Partners to help you expand to Gabon without additional hassles. Contact us today to learn more about Gabon hiring outsourcing.

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