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Gambia Compensation & Benefits

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Choosing compensation and benefits in The Gambia is key to both your company and your employees. Meeting or exceeding The Gambia’s compensation laws and providing all the country’s required benefits will help you stay compliant. Plus, going above and beyond will lead to higher retention rates and more committed employees.

Instead of figuring out these regulations on your own on top of running your various company locations, you can count on the Globalization Partners team. We’ll add your employees to our existing payroll and benefits plan through The Gambia compensation and benefits outsourcing. As the Employer of Record, we’ll shoulder all compliance, so you can focus on running your new location and making it the best it can be.

The Gambia Compensation Laws

The Gambia’s minimum wage is 50 dalasi a day, which is $1.25. The minimum wage last changed in 2015, so you should watch and see if there are any changes in the coming years. The Gambia compensation laws you follow may change if your employees are part of a trade union or a collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Statutory Benefits All Employees Must Receive

The Gambia benefits management plan you create is essential to finding top talent and keeping them in their positions. Therefore, you should start by providing the required benefits by law to stay compliant. Start with giving time off for The Gambia’s 13 national holidays. Your employees will also accumulate annual leave through either the Joint Industrial Council agreement, collective agreement, or employment contract.

Other important time off includes maternity leave. Every female employee who meets certain conditions should get maternity leave at her normal pay rate for no less than six weeks. If she wants to return to work within six weeks of taking the leave, the employee needs to give you notice of her wish to return. Within four weeks of that notice, the employee can return to the same job with the same benefits and entitlements.

Dispersing The Gambia Benefits Management Plan

Although your employees will appreciate getting the required benefits, they may expect certain supplemental benefits, especially if they’re in higher-level positions. Since the country does not have any paternity leave requirements, you could give new fathers a few days off with pay. Other employees may appreciate annual or performance-based bonuses, which you can outline in an employment contract.

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits

Your biggest restriction to providing compensation and benefits is your own company. You must have a registered and incorporated entity in The Gambia before you can perform any type of work — including giving out benefits and compensation. When you choose Globalization Partners, you won’t have to establish your own subsidiary, as you can use our PEO in The Gambia. With our team on your side, you’ll only need to focus on growing your company.

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