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Georgia Compensation & Benefits

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When you’re trying to recruit employees, you need a generous compensation and benefits plan. Exceeding Georgia’s compensation laws and providing additional benefits will show employees you care. It will also help you stand up to the competition and attract the right kind of talent to your open positions.

Some companies don’t know the laws they must follow in Georgia or have the time to dedicate to sourcing benefits. Globalization Partners offers Georgia compensation and benefits outsourcing to make your expansion easier. We’ll add your employees to our payroll and existing benefits plan so that you can continue running your company with total peace of mind.

Georgia’s Compensation Laws

Georgia has the lowest minimum wage in the former Soviet Union — 20 lari per month, or about $7. However, in 2019, members of parliament and labor rights groups were trying to raise the minimum wage to 400 lari a month. They calculated this number based on the minimum wage required to live in Georgia, which they say is about 390 lari per month.

Guaranteed Benefits for All Employees

When you start to put together your Georgia benefits management plan, you must include all guaranteed benefits first. Georgia celebrates 17 national public holidays, and you should give employees those days off. Employees are also entitled to 24 paid days of annual leave each year, as well as 15 additional days of unpaid leave for any illnesses or emergencies. All leave pay should equal what employees made over the three months before their absence.

Maternity leave is 730 days of time off, and employees can use it to cover pregnancy and any child care costs. However, only 183 days are paid, or 200 days if the employee has twins or delivery complications. Total compensation for maternity leave is usually around 1,600 lari. New fathers do not get any additional paid time off under the law.

How to Give out Benefits

When you’re dispersing benefits to employees, remember that it’s the perfect time to also give out supplemental benefits. Choosing to provide additional benefits will show employees that you care about their success and want them to keep working with your company. For example, many employees in Georgia will try to negotiate a Christmas bonus even though it’s not required. You should add this bonus to an employment contract along with additional benefits, such as paid paternity leave, private health care plans, and similar perks.

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits

If your company wants to provide compensation and benefits quickly, you’re likely to run into difficulties. You must have a subsidiary in Georgia before giving out compensation and benefits, and a subsidiary can take weeks or months to establish. Your only way to avoid this restriction is through Georgia compensation and benefits outsourcing with a global PEO, such as Globalization Partners. You can use our PEO to start working quickly without having to worry about Georgia compensation laws or other compliance issues.

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