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Georgia Hiring

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Hiring the right employees is key to your company’s success, but it’s not always an easy process. First, you must recruit talented candidates in accordance with Georgia’s employment compliance laws. Then, you need to draft an employment contract, officially hire employees, and onboard them to prepare them for success.

Globalization Partners recognizes all the challenges of hiring Georgia employees. We offer Georgia hiring outsourcing to make it easier and faster for you to expand to the country. You can use our existing Georgia PEO to recruit, hire, and onboard in a matter of a day or two. Our team will also keep you compliant for the ultimate peace of mind.

How to Hire Georgia Employees

Learning how to hire Georgia employees starts with learning the culture. Once you know how people in the country interact, you can more effectively recruit and hire candidates. For example, Georgians are friendly people who frequently start meetings 45 minutes to one hour late. They rarely reach agreements in the first meeting, and usually take a while to judge if the relationship will work. Georgians are passionate people, so expect meetings to become loud and animated.

You also need an employment contract that can be verbal during the first three months of negotiations but must be written afterward. You must write the contract in a language both the employee and employer agree on. You can also include a probation period for no longer than six months, but it must be in writing with the employment agreement.

Georgia Employment Compliance Laws

Georgia’s employment compliance laws include regulations on working time and overtime. Georgia has a standard 40-hour workweek, but many employees choose to start the business day late in the morning and work until late in the evening. Employees and employers must agree on overtime terms as part of the employment contract, and national holidays are paid at the overtime rate.

Collective bargaining is legal in Georgia, but not many employees engage in it. Most prefer to negotiate specific compensation, working hours, and other laws at the time of their employment. You should ensure that each individual contract reflects the changes you agree on.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

Georgia does not have any specific laws stipulating how you must onboard employees. Every company will choose to onboard their employees differently according to their size, industry, and daily demands. We recommend reviewing the employment contract and having employees sign it. Then, you can start training employees, introducing them to other new hires, and setting up review schedules.

Benefits of Georgia Hiring Outsourcing

Many companies expanding to Georgia simply don’t have the time to handle all the intricacies of the hiring process. When you choose Georgia hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners, we’ll handle all aspects of employment compliance for you. Our team will either recruit top candidates on your behalf or hire team members you’ve already found and assign them to work for you.

Why Choose Globalization Partners?

Count on Globalization Partners to meet all Georgia employment compliance laws for you. Contact us today to learn more about Georgia hiring outsourcing.

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