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Guinea Recruiting & Hiring

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Do you know how to recruit and hire Guinea employees? If not, you have to take the time to learn all of Guinea’s employment compliance laws, find talented candidates to fit your positions, then figure out how to onboard them. That’s all on top of running your subsidiary and your parent company back at home.

Globalization Partners will give you the confidence that you’re staying compliant and the time to run your company through Guinea hiring outsourcing. We’re a global PEO and can hire employees to work for your team. We’ll also act as the Employer of Record to shoulder all compliance instead of you.

Recruiting in Guinea

Guinea, known officially as the Republic of Guinea, has a blended culture where local people remain true to their ethnic backgrounds. Recruiting in the country can be a challenge, since you’ll have to understand French customs, West African influences, and the nuances of regional beliefs. Understanding the country’s culture before you start the recruiting process can help you connect with diverse employees and make the most informed hiring decision while attracting top talent. 

Here are three factors to understand about business etiquette. 

1. Greetings Are Important

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, you’re expected to ask about their health and family before making a request. People may repeat these questions several times and accompany their answers with a firm handshake or brief kisses on the cheeks among upper-class individuals. Some people still call each other “comrade” as an older effort to promote equality. Keep in mind that you should not use your left hand for any social interaction, including shaking hands, pointing, paying, or handing someone an item. 

2. Ethnic Groups Have Different Cultural Norms

Many different ethnic groups reside in the country with various traditions and language variations. Some of the major groups include: 

  • Peuhl or Fula
  • Maninka
  • Susus
  • Toma
  • Kissis
  • Kpelle
  • Gerzé

Despite the cultural differences, most people are Muslim and adhere to the religion’s teachings and observances. This could impact your workday or when employees have time off.

3. People Wear Conservative and Formal Attire

Unlike more casual workplaces in other countries, Guineans do not wear jeans, shorts, or casual attire to work. Most men will wear a business suit — a coat and matching slacks — known as a complet in French. They may also wear a collared shirt and nice pants without a tie or jacket. Women typically wear dresses and skirts that fall below the knee and calf with a nice blouse. Pants may be acceptable in certain situations for women, but tight-fitting or revealing clothing is not. 

The Recruitment Process in Guinea

Your staffing and recruiting efforts will primarily focus on local talent, as there are not many opportunities for expats. If you hire a nonresident, they will need to apply for a resident permit, which could take a year to obtain. Application requirements also depend on the individual’s nationality, but everyone will need two passport photos and a passport valid for at least six more months. Employees who enter the country using a short-term visa may not be able to apply for a resident permit, so it’s important to follow the right steps and obtain the correct documents.

Where to Find Talent

Conakry has the most people looking for a job, and many will contact international companies directly even if there is no opening. If your company is expanding to Guinea, consider designating an employee who is available to answer cold calls and emails. 

Another option is to post your job openings on well-known recruitment sites such as Career Jet and Trovit. Other common job posting websites for expats include: 

  • Michael Page
  • Overseas Jobs
  • Go Abroad
  • LinkedIn

Protections for Women

There are more men than women in the workplace, making it important to hire women and create a diverse workforce when staffing your business. Guinea currently has laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. However, some urban women in the formal sector often experience sexual harassment. Whenever recruiting and hiring female employees, focus on your organization’s protections and create a strong culture against sexual harassment and discrimination. 

How to Hire Employees in Guinea

You must hire all employees using an employment contract. Guinea allows both fixed-term and indefinite-term contracts. However, fixed-term contracts cannot exceed two years and will switch to an indefinite-term contract if the employee keeps working for you after that period.

Make sure all employment contracts are in the local language and include everything from guaranteed benefits to termination requirements. Offer letters and employment contracts should also be in Guinean francs instead of any other currency. Your contract should line up with any applicable collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as well so that you’re staying compliant.

Guinea Employment Compliance Laws

Guinea’s employment compliance laws cover many aspects of the employment relationship, including worker safety, discrimination, and more. Article 27 of the National Labor Law and environmental regulations as part of the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health require employers to meet health and safety obligations.

The Ministry of Labor policies also prohibit harassment — either verbal or physical — toward any employee because of their race, color, religion, age, disability, or marital status. Article 48 of Guinea’s employment compliance laws require lawyers to implement all fair employment practices, including working conditions for nationals and expatriates.

Onboarding Employees in This Country

After you hire Guinea employees, you need to onboard them using a process that makes them familiar with your company and their new position. We recommend starting the employment relationship by reviewing all important documents, including the employment contract. Doing so will ensure that everyone agrees to the right terms. If you want to streamline the onboarding process, you can onboard multiple employees at one time and travel to Guinea to welcome them to the company.

What’s the Benefit of Choosing Guinea Hiring Outsourcing?

Opting for Guinea hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners will help you start working faster within the country’s laws. Traditionally, you would have to wait to hire employees until you set up a subsidiary, which could take months. We’ll hire employees who work for you in a few days. Every candidate will have a positive hiring experience, and they’ll be productive for you from day one. Plus, you won’t have to worry about Guinea employment compliance since we’ll be the Employer of Record.

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