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Guinea Work Visas & Permits

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Like many other countries in Africa, Guinea has a developing economy. While some companies see that as a challenge when they’re deciding where to plan an international expansion, others know that working in Guinea is not without its advantages. Many global companies are taking the opportunity to hire international employees and expatriates in Guinea to establish an early presence in a newly emerging market.

When your company decides to take part in the exciting process of expanding internationally, you’ll need a talented team of employees who are willing to make the move to Guinea. Before they can begin working, however, you’ll need to ensure that they have the necessary visas and permits to do so legally.

If you’re not familiar with the process of getting a work visa in Guinea, the team of experts at Globalization Partners can help. We can shoulder all the burdens of the expansion, including visas and immigration support, so that you can continue doing what you do best: managing your business.

Types of Working Visas Issued in Guinea

Most foreign nationals will need a visa of some type to enter Guinea. The government in Guinea issues the following categories of visas to foreign nationals:

  • Single Entry Guinea Visa (VCS)
  • Long Term Guinea Visa (VLS)
  • Multiple Entry Guinea Visa (VESRM)
  • Guinea Visa Prorogation (VP)
  • Visa de Transbordement (VTB), or Transit Visa
  • Guinea Service Visa (VS)
  • Diplomatic Visa (VD)
  • Courtesy Visa (VC)

Employees who plan to work in Guinea will need to obtain a Long Term Visa. However, this visa is only issued to a foreign national after they have obtained an entry visa and lived in Guinea for 90 days.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in Guinea?

To apply for any Guinean visa, applicants will need to submit:

  • A passport that’s valid for at least six months
  • Copies of the personal information page found in the applicant’s passport
  • One passport photograph, which should have a white background
  • Proof of immunization for yellow fever

These documents are sufficient for applicants who need an entry visa. Additional documents may be required depending on which type of visa the applicant needs. To get a work visa, applicants will also need to provide an employment contract that has been approved by the appropriate authorities.

What Is the Application Process Like for Foreign Employees Who Need a Work Visa?

Before beginning the process of applying for a Guinean work visa, foreign employees should gather all the necessary documents listed in the previous section.

After obtaining all the required documents, the employee can begin the application process online. The Guinean government issues electronic visas, or e-visas, to foreign nationals wishing to enter the country regardless of the type of visa they’re applying for. Applicants can access Guinea’s Electronic Travel Authorisation themselves. From that point, the application process is as follows:

  • The applicant enters their email address and waits for a verification number.
  • After receiving the email, the applicant enters the verification number to begin the online application.
  • The applicant answers questions regarding their nationality, passport information, and details about the planned trip to Guinea.
  • The applicant selects the type of visa they’re applying for.
  • The applicant attaches electronic copies of the required documents.
  • The applicant pays the visa fee.

Upon approval of the e-visa application, the employee will be notified via email. They’ll receive an Entry Visa Letter or an e-visa receipt, which they’ll need to bring along when they travel to Guinea. Employees should also bring physical copies of the documents that supported their visa application.

Employees may then travel to Guinea, arriving at the Conakry Airport. They should present the relevant documents to the officials at the Visa On Arrival counter, where they will also be required to submit their fingerprints.

At this point, the applicant will receive their Entry visa and may settle in Guinea. After 90 days, they’ll need to apply for a Long Term Visa, following the same steps listed above. A Long Term Visa is valid for one year.

Other Important Considerations for Working in Guinea

Employees should be aware that the e-visa is not the final determining factor that will ensure their entry to Guinea. The immigration officers at the airport are responsible for making the final decision.

Grow Your Company Internationally With Globalization Partners

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