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Hong Kong Hiring/Employment Compliance

Hong Kong’s hiring and employment compliance laws tie directly to its heritage. At first a British colony, the nation was transferred back to China in 1997 and currently operates as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of The People’s Republic of China. As a SAR, Hong Kong has its own employment laws that protect both workers and employers.

How to Hire Hong Kong Employees

The Employment Ordinance is Hong Kong’s main piece of legislation related to employment and labor laws. In addition to specifying time-off policies, minimum wage, and work hours, the ordinance also has recruitment guidelines to maintain diversity in Hong Kong’s workforce. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when hiring Hong Kong employees:

  • Use consistent selection criteria to recruit, promote, transfer, dismiss, and determine other terms of employment.
  • Keep skills and experience at the forefront of the hiring process instead of age, race, gender, or religion.
  • Train your employees to avoid discrimination if they will review applications or conduct interviews.
  • Ensure your hiring and recruitment materials do not have attributions such as age, gender, race, religion, or language unless it is justifiable.
  • Only ask questions during interviews that relate directly to the requirements of the job.

Hong Kong Employment Compliance

Hong Kong has many employment laws outlined in the Employment Ordinance. To stay compliant, you need to make sure employees do not work over 50 hours per week since the standard practice is 40-50 hours. They can work a maximum of five days per week.

You’ll need to create either a written or verbal employment contract, although it’s often better to have clear employment terms outlined in writing. Overtime is typically specified in a contract and is not mandated by Hong Kong employment compliance. An employee is entitled to seven days of paid annual leave during their first year, which increases by one day every year until they hit a maximum of 14 days.

Onboarding Employees in Hong Kong

Before you onboard employees, you’ll have to set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong to begin the hiring process. You’ll then need to fill out all required forms and create an employment contract. It’s especially helpful to outline what you expect of employees on the first day or the first week of training, such as dress code or a code of conduct.

Hong Kong Hiring Outsourcing

Instead of worrying about Hong Kong employment compliance while hiring employees, you can outsource hiring to another company. A global PEO such as Globalization Partners hires employees on your behalf, so you don’t have to set up a subsidiary before beginning operations. In addition to hiring Hong Kong employees, we act as the Employer of Record to take the liability off your shoulders and onto ours.

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