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Hungary Hiring

Your employees are the most important asset your company has, and you need top talent to fill your open positions at your new location in Hungary. While you may know what kind of employees you want to hire, you may not understand all of Hungary’s employment compliance laws. You’ll have to navigate learning how to hire Hungarian employees while building a new company location and continuing to run your parent company.

Instead of attempting to navigate these complexities, remember that Globalization Partners can take the stress of hiring and compliance off your shoulders and onto our own. Our Hungary hiring outsourcing services mean we can hire employees on your behalf and assign them to work for you. Your employees will experience a better hiring process that allows them to be productive from the start, and you won’t have to worry about Hungary employment compliance.

How to Hire Employees in Hungary

It’s important to follow Hungary’s cultural customs when you’re hiring employees. Hungarian businesses are usually hierarchical with a formal environment. You’ll have to form personal relationships and use face-to-face discussions for successful business dealings. Most Hungarians expect to get invited to after-hour social gatherings or sightseeing trips as a part of work. These opportunities will help you connect with your employees and business partners.

Hungary Employment Compliance Laws

You should note that the Hungarian labor code, the main source of Hungary’s employment compliance laws, gives employees strong protections. Employers must follow all the rules and procedures related to termination, illness, maternity benefits, and more or face fines and sanctions. The labor code permits collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and work councils that represent employees.

Most employment contracts in Hungary extend indefinitely, but you can use a fixed-term contract for temporary or seasonal work. You should hire employees in Hungary using a written employment contract in the local language that spells out terms such as compensation, benefits, job title, hours, holidays, and more. Make sure all salary and compensation amounts are in Hungarian forint instead of foreign currency.

The Best Ways to Onboard Employees

You need certain documents from your employees to onboard them, including:

  • Social security and tax number
  • Registration card if the employee is from another European Union (EU) country
  • Resident and work permit if the employee is from a country outside of the EU

One thing to note is that your employee’s first day of employment cannot be the same as the date you have on the employment contract. Every company must declare new employees to the tax authority at least one day before they start.

Benefit of Hungary Hiring Outsourcing With Globalization Partners

Choosing Hungary hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners can make a difference in your expansion. We’ll either find the right candidates for you or onboard your preferred candidates using our existing subsidiary. You won’t have to learn Hungary’s employment compliance laws, and you can feel confident knowing that you have a great team of employees.

Globalization Partners Can Make Your Expansion Easier

Globalization Partners wants to help you expand with Hungary hiring outsourcing services. Contact us today to learn more.

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