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Jamaica Hiring

When you start working in a new country, you have plenty of tasks to focus on. You may not have as much time to focus on running your company, which is why you need talented employees you can rely on. But do you know how to recruit and hire Jamaica employees successfully?

Globalization Partners knows that recruiting, hiring, and onboarding can be challenging in a foreign country. We offer Jamaica hiring outsourcing services to make it easy for companies to expand without worrying about compliance. Our team will recruit top candidates or onboard your preferred choices to our Jamaica PEO, all while handling Jamaica employment compliance as the Employer of Record.

How to Hire Jamaican Employees

The first step in hiring Jamaican employees is presenting an employment contract. Your contract can be oral or written, but we recommend using a written contract in English. Include terms and benefits related to compensation, health care, termination, working hours, and similar factors. You should also ensure that all compensation is listed in Jamaican Dollars.

Jamaica has an entire Recruiting of Workers Act that stipulates regulations and laws on hiring employees. For example, you cannot recruit anyone under 18. Additionally, all the workers you recruit will have to go before a justice and get a medical examination. If you recruit a worker from far away, you should pay expenses related to their and their family’s journey.

Jamaica’s Employment Compliance Laws

Jamaica has employment compliance laws that apply to both residents and foreign nationals. Non-Jamaican nationals need to get a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security before they can start working for your company. If you hire a foreign national, you need to give them a letter confirming your offer of employment so that they can submit it along with their work permit application. You can only hire a foreign national if you’ve already tried and failed to offer the job to a Jamaican resident.

Recommendations for Onboarding Employees

After you hire employees in Jamaica, you can create a positive working experience starting with your onboarding process. If you operate a small subsidiary, you should try to travel to Jamaica to welcome new employees. Consider onboarding several new hires at one time, and create events for everyone to meet each other and bond.

Next, you should look at providing job training based on the employee’s position. Provide the training through either your company or a third party that provides expert options for your industry. You can also coordinate some training based on your company’s standards and ways of operating so that employees understand more about your values and goals.

Benefits of Jamaica Hiring Outsourcing

Jamaica hiring outsourcing provides two major benefits — time-saving and compliance. Our global PEO will let you start working in a day with Jamaica hiring outsourcing services. We’ll hire employees from your team through our Jamaica subsidiary, saving you from having to start your own. Our team will make sure you’re abreast and compliant with Jamaica’s employment compliance laws as well so that you can focus on your business.

Choose a Trusted Global PEO for Your Expansion

Globalization Partners has everything you need to succeed in your expansion. Contact us today for more information about Jamaica hiring outsourcing.

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