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Kazakhstan Recruiting & Hiring

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Hiring the right employees is one of the most important aspects of an expansion. Hiring talented, hard-working employees will help you get more work done and keep your new company location running smoothly. But it’s not always easy to learn how to hire employees in Kazakhstan, meet the country’s employment compliance laws, and continue to run your company.

Globalization Partners can help with Kazakhstan hiring outsourcing services. We’ll find top talent for your open positions and onboard them using our existing subsidiary to ensure you’re in full compliance.

Recruiting in Kazakhstan

As you begin the process of interviewing prospective employees in Kazakhstan, it’s crucial to recognize that their cultural background might be significantly different from your own. Business etiquette, workplace culture, and beliefs can vary greatly from one country to the next — and all of these factors play a significant role in the recruitment process.

By familiarizing yourself with some of the cultural nuances of Kazakhstan, you can prevent miscommunications from getting in the way of your relationship with your international team members. Keep the following tips in mind as you start scheduling interviews and meetings with potential hires in Kazakhstan.

1. Respect Religious Customs

While religion shouldn’t play a role in your company’s hiring decisions, it’s an important aspect of the culture in Kazakhstan. A significant portion of the population follows Islam. As a courtesy to your prospective employees, you should avoid scheduling meetings around daily prayer times.

You should also consider religious dietary restrictions if you plan to invite candidates or new employees to a meal. Refrain from serving alcohol or pork if you’re hosting an event. If you go to a restaurant, try to choose one that has a menu everyone can enjoy.

2. Stay Punctual but Forgiving

It’s always a good idea to be punctual when you’re doing business in Kazakhstan, but you shouldn’t necessarily expect candidates to be on time for every meeting. Buses frequently run behind schedule in the country. While tardiness is considered somewhat rude, it’s not as much of an offense as it is in some other countries like Germany and the United States.

Your company might miss out on an excellent employee if you dismiss someone just for running a few minutes late to a meeting or interview. It’s best to be forgiving when it comes to time management.

3. Take Time to Build Relationships

Establishing personal relationships is key to doing business in Kazakhstan. Most Kazakhstanis are hesitant to work with people they don’t know very well. Avoid pushing for a decision or job acceptance before a candidate is ready.

When you’re getting to know a prospective employee, remember that the country favors an indirect style of communication. You should be prepared for it to take a while to build a connection with a potential hire.

What Is the Recruitment Process in Kazakhstan Like?

Understanding Kazakhstani culture will help your recruitment team navigate the interpersonal aspects of staffing in Kazakhstan. When it comes to logistics, you should also spend some time learning about the country’s recruitment channels and laws regarding staffing and hiring.

Your company has a few options for sourcing talent in Kazakhstan. You can reach job seekers by posting your open positions on job boards or advertising them in local newspapers. You can also outsource the recruitment process through a traditional hiring agency or global PEO. If you choose to work with a recruitment agency, remember that your company is still responsible for compliance. Hiring through a PEO’s existing subsidiary, on the other hand, will take that burden off your shoulders.

Legal Requirements for Staffing and Recruiting in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a set of legal requirements in place to ensure that all employees and job candidates are treated fairly throughout the recruitment process and beyond. According to the country’s constitution, it is unlawful to discriminate based on:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Origin
  • Property status
  • Place of residence
  • Language
  • Nationality
  • Attitude toward religion
  • Convictions

To ensure that your company stays compliant, make sure you don’t ask candidates any direct questions about these characteristics during interviews or casual conversations.

How to Hire Employees in Kazakhstan

You’re legally required to hire Kazakhstan employees under an employment contract, either fixed- or indefinite-term. Contracts should be in the local language and include information about compensation, benefits, termination requirements, entitlements, and more. Offer letters and employment contracts should also include all salary and compensation amounts in Kazakhstani tenge instead of another currency.

Kazakhstan’s Employment Compliance Laws

All employment relationships are governed by employment contracts, regulatory legal instruments, and a collective labor agreement if it’s applicable. All labor laws are based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the most important source of Labor Law is the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan that went into effect in 2007.

Other important Kazakhstan employment compliance laws to know are:

  • The Law on Collective Labor Disputes and Strikes (1996)
  • The Law on the Occupation of the Population (1998)
  • The Law on Employment of Population (2001)
  • The Law on the State Service (1999)
  • And more

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

Onboarding employees is largely left up to employers. However, you can help employees succeed in their new positions by letting them learn about the company, their jobs, and more. We recommend starting the onboarding process by reviewing the employment contract and any other important company documents. Then, you should provide any job training that relates to your company or the role itself.

If you don’t have the time to onboard employees yourself, you should try to find another company executive who can travel to Kazakhstan for the onboarding process. Try onboarding several new employees at once to save time and build a bond between new hires.

The Benefit of Kazakhstan Hiring Outsourcing

Choosing Kazakhstan hiring outsourcing through Globalization Partners can save you time and stress. Companies typically have to establish a subsidiary in a new country before hiring employees, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We’ll use our existing subsidiary to help you start working in a few days.

You also won’t have to worry about Kazakhstan employment compliance laws. As the Employer of Record, we’ll take on all risk associated with compliance. When you partner with us, you can focus on running your company instead of worrying about compliance.

Work With Globalization Partners

The team at Globalization Partners will work to make your expansion into this country as quick and successful as possible. Reach out to us today for answers to your questions and to learn more about Kazakhstan hiring outsourcing.

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