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Kenya Hiring

Searching for talented employees to fill your open positions is challenging no matter where you are in the world. However, it can prove extra difficult to learn how to hire Kenyan employees if you’re not familiar with the country’s different employment compliance laws. Plus, you have to keep running your parent company on top of handling all aspects of your expansion.

The team at Globalization Partners envisions a world where you can expand without a huge time commitment. Through Kenya hiring outsourcing, we’ll recruit the right candidates for your team or onboard your preferred candidates. We’ll make sure your company stays compliant and help you start working fast.

How to Hire Kenyan Employees

Hiring talented employees in Kenya is a vital part of your expansion, but you need to make sure you know the right ways to hire employees. Kenya will allow you to use a fixed- or indefinite-term employment contract depending on what kind of employment you need. However, all contracts should be in the employee’s local language and include information about benefits, termination requirements, compensation, and related factors. It’s also a good idea to put all monetary amounts in Kenyan shillings instead of any other currency.

Kenya’s Employment Compliance Laws

Kenya has employment compliance laws that apply to all new employees. You need to register all new hires with the local authorities if they do not have a Personal Identification Number (PIN), National Social Security Fund (NSSF), and National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) numbers. Then, employers have to provide every employee’s full name, bank details, and more.

You need to follow the same process when you hire expatriates as well. Kenya has several different types of work permits, and you’ll need to choose the one that’s best for the foreign employee you’d like to hire.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

Onboarding employees is a process you get to put together as a company. You can take certain steps to make your onboarding process more comfortable for employees. Try reviewing the employment contract and similar terms with employees during their first day or week to make sure both parties agree to all the terms. Then, you can create a training program that will help employees succeed in their new positions.

If you have the time to travel to Kenya, try setting up a time to meet with new employees and personally welcome them to the company.

Benefits of Kenya Hiring Outsourcing

Kenya hiring outsourcing services from Globalization Partners can bring your company numerous benefits. First, we’ll help you find talented employees through our recruiting services. Then, we’ll onboard those employees to our Kenya PEO within a day or so. You can use our existing Kenya PEO to work instead of setting up your own entity, which will help you stay compliant and save you time.

Why Choose Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners has the experience you need to make the most of your expansion to Kenya. Contact us today to learn more about Kenya hiring outsourcing and our entire suite of global expansion services.

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