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Kosovo Recruiting & Hiring

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Kosovo’s small population makes it difficult to recruit and hire talented and highly educated employees for open positions. Plus, you have to follow Kosovo’s employment compliance laws and continue to run your parent company and new subsidiary.

Globalization Partners can take recruiting and following the state’s employment compliance laws off your shoulders through Kosovo hiring outsourcing. We’ll use our subsidiaries around the globe to help you expand in as little as a day without having to set up your own entity. From recruiting to hiring to onboarding, we’ll help you expand with ease.

Recruiting in Kosovo

Kosovo is a more conservative country with complex rules relating to etiquette. When you know these proper business rules, you can impress future employees and encourage them to choose your company over another. Plus, a greater understanding of business etiquette will help you form positive business relationships and get ahead. 

Below are three things you should know before you start staffing and recruiting in Kosovo. 

1. Many Business Professionals Understand English

In the business world, most professionals know English but may not use it in public. Most Albanians over 35 speak Serbian, while many Serbians who operate a business may be fluent in English. Many natives of Kosovo have studied in the U.S., which can also lead to a better understanding of English. Nevertheless, knowing a few Albanian or Serbian words, greetings, or phrases can help you impress locals and demonstrate a respect for the culture as well as the individuals you’re attempting to recruit.

2. Wear Business Attire for Meetings

It’s best to wear business attire for meetings, but you don’t need a formal suit. If you want to exchange business cards with a prospective employee, print one side in English and the other in Albanian or Serbian. Gift-giving during meets can also help strengthen the relationship. If you know that the person you’re meeting with will give you a gift, make sure you have one to exchange. Most people emphasize the thought instead of the value of the item. 

3. Know the Right Etiquette Based on Where You Are

At some point, you may travel throughout the country to meet candidates or hold recruiting days at universities or other locations. Make sure you eat and drink whatever you are given. If you’re visiting a mosque or any monasteries, dress modestly in pants instead of shorts and a long-sleeved shirt instead of a T-shirt. Women should wear long skirts or pants, a conservative top, and something that covers their head. In rural areas, men do not address or touch women and don’t normally shake hands with strangers. 

The Recruitment Process in Kosovo

When you start the Kosovo recruiting process, you need to know the best places to post jobs. You can advertise on more general career sites such as Oferta Pune, Career Jet, Go Abroad, and LinkedIn. You should also look for more niche sites related to your industry to get more tailored resumes. It’s a good idea to hire human resources personnel who can respond to emails or phone inquiries, as some candidates are more likely to reach out to your company directly. 

You may find that you are approached by younger job seekers in Kosovo. Eighteen is the minimum age of employment for any type of work that could jeopardize someone’s health, safety, or morals. Anyone under 18 but older than 15 can do light work that will not harm their health or development and doesn’t affect school attendance. 

How to Hire Kosovo Employees

It’s best to hire Kosovo employees using an employment contract. While contracts can be oral or written, we recommend using a strong written contract in Albanian or Serbian. You can choose what terms to include in the contract, but try to spell out the employee’s compensation, benefits, working hours, termination requirements, and more. If you include salary or compensation amounts, use Euros instead of another currency.

Kosovo Employment Compliance Laws

The Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, the Law on Labor, and the Law on Protection from Discrimination give employees protection from all types of discrimination. You can’t make exclusions or preferences for any employees based on race, color, sex, religion, age, political opinion, or a similar factor. Sexual harassment is also strictly prohibited, but there are no requirements to conduct sexual harassment training. 

 If you have any employment-related disputes, you should submit them to the Basic Court General Department to get adjudicated by one professional judge. Typically, disputes get solved through mediation.

You can also carry out pre-employment checks per the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. However, you must have the employee’s consent to process personal information. If you want to transfer personal data to other countries, you can only do so to jurisdictions with a proper level of data protection. Additionally, some examinations, such as criminal records and medical checks, can only be processed if the data is necessary to fulfill employment obligations. 

Keep in mind that trade unions are permitted in Kosovo through the Law for Organizing Trade Unions. If employees are in a trade union, they can protest, strike, and more. Kosovo employment compliance laws could change if employees are a part of a trade union, so you should research the applicable regulations before hiring employees.

How to Onboard Your New Employees

After you hire Kosovo employees, you need to onboard them according to your company’s laws and the employees’ specific positions. Start by reviewing the employment contract and any other company bylaws you want employees to know about. Then, you should enroll them in a training program, either with your company or with a third-party program that will prepare them for their position.

Smaller subsidiaries can complete this onboarding process with several new employees at one time. If you have the means to do so, try scheduling several new employees to start at the same time.

Benefits of Kosovo Hiring Outsourcing With a Global PEO

As a new company in Kosovo, you have many tasks to focus on, including hiring, payroll, benefits and compensation, and more. Kosovo hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners will take the stress off your shoulders. We’ll work hard to recruit the best employees for your team or onboard candidates you’re already sold on. Our team will hire all your employees through our Kosovo PEO so that you don’t have to set up your own subsidiary. Then, we’ll assign those individuals to work for your company.

We Can Make Your Expansion Easier

You can rely on Globalization Partners as the Employer of Record to make your expansion quick, simple, and fully compliant. Contact us today for more information about Kosovo hiring outsourcing services.

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