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Liberia Hiring

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Your company is only as good as its employees. Without a roster of talented workers, you could lose out on important productivity or even lose business contracts that are critical to the health of your company. That’s why hiring Liberia employees is so important and must be a part of your company’s strategy.

Globalization Partners can help you find the right people for your open positions through Liberia hiring outsourcing. Instead of worrying about Liberia employment compliance, how to recruit employees, and the best way to onboard them, allow our team to take care of everything. Since we use our existing Liberia subsidiary, you can benefit from working in the country in a day or two.

How to Hire Liberia Employees

Every employee you hire in Liberia must have an employment contract — either oral or written. However, we recommend using a written contract in English to hire Liberia employees. You should include important terms in the contract, such as compensation, benefits, termination requirements, working hours, and more. If you include any salary or compensation amounts, make sure they’re in Liberian dollars instead of any other currency.

How you hire Liberia employees will depend on whether you’re hiring resident or non-resident employees. Any non-resident employees who need a visa must follow these steps:


  • Pick up an entry/work permit form from the Liberian Ministry of Labor
  • Pay the application fees for a Liberian labor permit
  • Submit all documents and receipt for payment listed above

Liberia’s Employment Compliance Laws

You still have to follow Liberia’s employment compliance laws after you hire employees. For example, individuals in the country shouldn’t work more than eight hours a day or 48 hours a week. They’re also required to receive 24 hours of uninterrupted rest time per week. These are the statutory minimums, but you could encounter additional laws and regulations from any collective bargaining agreements (CBA) or trade unions.

Common Onboarding Practices

Once you hire employees, your company will still be responsible for onboarding all new hires and preparing them for their work with your company. Liberia’s laws do not have many stipulations about onboarding, but you can focus on some best practices to make the experience positive. Try to review the employment contract and offer letter with employees on or before their first day so that they can sign the document. Then, you can start a training program related to your company, the employee’s position, or both.

Benefits of Choosing Liberia Hiring Outsourcing

If you’re not sure how you’ll have time to find the right candidates, onboard them, and meet Liberia’s employment compliance laws, Globalization Partners is the solution. Through Liberia hiring outsourcing, we’ll use our subsidiary to hire employees for your company. Every person will have a positive hiring experience, and they can start working for you immediately since you won’t have to set up a subsidiary.

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Globalization Partners will help you expand in a shorter time frame and realize more benefits. Contact us today to learn more about Liberia hiring outsourcing.

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