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Macedonia Recruiting & Hiring

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Keeping up with employment compliance laws for your parent company is difficult enough. During an expansion, you also have to learn how to recruit and hire Macedonian employees and figure out which local labor laws you must comply with. This work is all in addition to running your company at home and abroad.

Globalization Partners is a global PEO that understands both the benefits and the challenges of an expansion. We’ll work with you from day one to hire talented employees on your behalf, and our team of experts understands Macedonia’s employment compliance laws from front to back. We’re the team you can trust for a quick and easy expansion that takes the stress off your plate.

Recruiting in Macedonia

Recruiting in Macedonia is somewhat different from the process in the U.S., England, and other western countries where you may be used to working. Understanding the country’s workplace culture and business etiquette will go a long way toward helping you avoid misunderstandings during the recruitment process. Making a good first impression can also have an effect on the employees you hire and how long they stay with your company. Consider the following tips as you begin interviewing candidates in Macedonia.

1. Exchange Business Cards

Unlike in some other countries, there is no right or wrong way to offer your business card in Macedonia. Still, it’s very common to exchange cards during initial meetings and interviews. Be sure to travel with plenty of business cards that you can share with prospective employees during the process of staffing and recruiting in the country.

2. Be Punctual but Forgiving

As in most places, it’s a good idea to arrive at meetings and interviews at the scheduled time in Macedonia. Candidates will most likely make an effort to be punctual, especially if they know time management is important in your country. In general, however, Macedonians are not especially concerned with punctuality. If you find yourself waiting a few minutes for a potential hire to arrive, try to be forgiving.

Likewise, if you find yourself running late for a meeting in this country, it’s likely not a cause for concern. If you know you’re going to be more than a few minutes late, let the candidate know ahead of time.

3. Consider Offering Gifts

In Macedonia, it’s not uncommon to exchange gifts in business settings. That said, you should avoid giving candidates and new hires anything that’s overly lavish or expensive. Gifts such as wine, jam, or a specialty item from your country of residence are all acceptable choices. However, Islam is a common religion in some parts of the country. In these areas, abstain from giving alcohol.

A Look at the Recruitment Process in Macedonia

As critical as it is to understand Macedonian culture and etiquette during the recruitment process, you and your recruiting team should also consider some of the more technical aspects of staffing in the country. To keep the hiring process as efficient as possible and ensure that your company stays compliant, you’ll need to understand the local recruitment channels as well as your legal obligations as the employer.

Your company has a variety of options when it comes to sourcing talent and advertising your open positions. It’s important to note that the country does require international companies to post job listings in local newspapers and publications. Many companies also advertise jobs online.

Legal Requirements for Staffing and Recruiting in Macedonia

The requirement to advertise jobs locally is just one law that you’ll need to keep in mind as you recruit new team members abroad. Macedonia is one of many countries with legislation in place to prevent discrimination. As an employer, you’ll need to ensure that your company complies with these laws during the recruitment process and beyond. Macedonian law prohibits discrimination based on a variety of characteristics, including:

  • Gender
  • Sex
  • National or ethnic origin
  • Age
  • Skin color
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Language

To avoid compliance issues, you should keep from mentioning any of these traits in job advertisements. The only exception is if one of these characteristics is an inherent requirement for the job, such as a minimum age for the sale of alcohol. You should also avoid asking direct questions about these traits in interviews and conversations with prospective employees.

How to Hire Macedonian Employees

All Macedonian employees must have a written employment contract in place in the local language. As an employer, you should make sure your employment contract includes benefits, compensation, termination terms, entitlements, and more. We also recommend adding salary and compensation amounts in Macedonian denar.

If you hire employees under a fixed-term contract, keep in mind that it can only go up to five years. You also have to keep a copy of the contract at the premises at all times. While trade unions and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) are not very common in Macedonia, you should still check to see if one applies to your industry, as you’ll need to include those terms in an employment contract.

Macedonia Employment Compliance Laws

Generally, employees work 40 hours a week — five eight-hour days. You should approve any overtime hours ahead of time and outline how much you’ll pay for overtime in your employment contract. Employers also need to take the following steps to meet Macedonia’s employment compliance laws:

  • Publish your job vacancies through daily newspapers, national employment agency publications, or private human resource-specialized agencies
  • Select the best candidate for your open job within a maximum of 15 days from the expiration of the public notice
  • Register all employees for social insurance and the health fund
  • Give employees copies of all registration documents

How Should You Onboard Employees?

Macedonia will let you onboard employees using a process that works best for you. You should try to make employees more comfortable by providing job training during the onboarding process. It can also make a great first impression to travel to Macedonia for your employee’s first day or week. If you’re short on time, onboarding multiple employees at one time can help you stay productive and encourage team bonding.

Benefits of Macedonia Hiring Outsourcing Services

Globalization Partners offers Macedonia hiring outsourcing services for employers looking for an easier way to hire talented candidates. We’ll act as the Employer of Record and hire employees that work for your company. Your employees will have a positive hiring experience, and they can start working for you in a few days instead of a few months after you incorporate.

Work With Globalization Partners

Working with Globalization Partners will ensure that you meet Macedonia’s employment compliance laws without worrying about the hiring process. Contact us today to get started.

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