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Mali Hiring

Hiring employees in Mali is the most important part of your expansion. You’ll need talented employees to ensure you’re staying compliant and working hard in a new country. However, not all companies taking on a new expansion have time to focus on recruiting and onboarding while dealing with other essential tasks.

Globalization Partners will help you hire all the employees you need for your expansion quickly and productively. Instead of setting up your own subsidiary to hire employees, we’ll hire staff members for you through our entity. Your employees will all have a positive hiring experience, and they can start working for you from the beginning. Learn more about Mali hiring outsourcing with us below.

How to Hire Mali Employees

Hiring Mali employees must include an employment contract. The country allows fixed- and indefinite-term contracts that you can choose based on your employment needs. However, all contracts should include typical terms — such as salary, benefits, working hours, termination requirements, and more — in French. Make sure your offer letters and contracts all have salary and compensation amounts listed in West African CFA francs to avoid any confusion among you and your employees.

Mali’s Employment Compliance Laws

From the time you start recruiting to the end of an employee’s career with your company, you must follow Mali’s employment compliance laws. For example, certain industries have different hours of work. The agricultural sector has a limit of 2,352 hours a year, and weekly hours depend on the seasons, including the hot, rainy, and cold season.

Other businesses with 40-hour weeks have to choose one of the following models:

  • A cyclical schedule with possible monthly alternating of weeks more and less than 40 hours
  • Shift work with a succession of work teams
  • Individualized schedules for greater flexibility
  • Part-time work with no lower limit
  • Job sharing to divide a full-time position into two part-time jobs

Tips for Onboarding Employees

Onboarding your new team members is the next step after you hire Mali employees. You can use any onboarding process that works well for your country, but we recommend starting with reviewing the employment contract. Doing so will ensure you create a clear agreement with employees and avoid any costly litigation down the road.

Next, you should enroll employees in a training program related to their position and your company. While it may be a third-party program, you can still include a short section about working in your company. As employees complete their training, create opportunities and events for new hires to meet each other and bond.

Benefits of Mali Hiring Outsourcing

Hiring is extremely important to the health of your company, but can you give this task the attention it needs when you’re also handling payroll, benefits, and creating a subsidiary? Globalization Partners will give your team the attention it deserves through Mali hiring outsourcing. We’ll meet Mali’s employment compliance laws on your behalf and help you start working immediately instead of waiting to set up a subsidiary.

Work With Globalization Partners Today

You won’t have to worry about your expansion when you choose Globalization Partners. Contact us today for more information about Mali hiring outsourcing.

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