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Mozambique Work Visas & Permits

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Mozambique is known for its rich culture, vibrant nightlife, and tropical climate. If your company is planning to expand to Mozambique, you probably won’t have much trouble finding qualified employees who are willing to make the move. But before they can start working in Mozambique, they’ll need to obtain the relevant visas and work permits.

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What Kinds of Working Visas Are Issued in Mozambique?

There are several visas available to individuals who wish to travel to Mozambique. These visas include:

  • Diplomatic visas
  • Tourist visas
  • Student visas
  • Business visas
  • Courtesy visas
  • Transit visas
  • Work visas

Foreign nationals who plan to relocate to Mozambique for employment will need to obtain a work visa.

Requirements to Obtain a Mozambique Work Visa

Mozambique has a quota-based system for issuing work permits to foreign nationals. For individuals applying within the quota, the following documents are required as part of the work permit application process:

  • Two completed work permit application forms
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport or residence permit
  • Three copies of the employment contract
  • An operating license
  • A certified document listing the company’s employees for the previous year, which should indicate the total number of employees and their salaries and positions
  • Authorization of the investment project, if applicable
  • A statement issued by the tax authority declaring that the company is compliant with its duty to pay the relevant taxes
  • A statement from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) confirming the company’s compliance with any applicable regulations for social security contributions
  • Evidence of payment for the application fee

If the application falls outside of the prescribed quota for work permits, additional documentation may be required from the applicant. These documents include:

  • An opinion from the Labor Union Committee
  • A certificate demonstrating the applicant’s professional or academic qualifications
  • A record with details regarding the applicant’s relevant professional experience
  • A certificate of equivalence

The Application Process: How to Get a Work Visa in Mozambique

Like many other countries, Mozambique has regulations in place to prevent foreign applicants from filling job positions that could be occupied by qualified Mozambican nationals. The work permit application process can be quite lengthy, so your company and employees should begin to complete the steps as early as possible to avoid operational delays.

The main steps to obtaining a work permit in Mozambique are as follows:

  1. Obtain a certificate of equivalence from the Mozambique Ministry of Education
  2. Apply for work authorization, submitting the relevant documents to the Mozambique embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country
  3. Apply for a residence permit, submitting the documents listed below
  4. Enter Mozambique

Before working in Mozambique on a long term basis, the employee will need to acquire a residence permit as well as a work visa. Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form
  • An application letter
  • A letter stating the applicant’s acceptance of liability
  • A passport valid for a minimum of six months
  • A copy of the employment contract
  • A notarized copy of the applicant’s work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour
  • A police clearance from the applicant’s country of residence
  • A valid operating license
  • Proof of payment of any applicable fees

Upon approval of the residence permit and work permit, employees may begin working in Mozambique.

Unique and Important Considerations

If you’re planning to relocate team members to Mozambique, your company should also be aware of the process for employees who wish to bring family members along. In Mozambique, entry visas and residence permits are automatically issued to family members of a foreign national who has been issued a valid work permit. However, any spouses or dependents who plan to work in Mozambique will need to apply for their own work permit.

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