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Namibia Recruiting and Hiring

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Hiring Namibia employees is the most important factor for your company’s success. Your employees are your most important capital, and they’ll ensure your business runs every day while you handle leadership tasks. As a result, you must know how to hire Namibia employees and recruit top talent for your open positions.

Globalization Partners can help you make the most of the hiring process through Namibia hiring outsourcing. Instead of you recruiting your own employees, we’ll find the right people for your team and onboard them. Since we use our existing subsidiary, we can save you time and worries about Namibia employment compliance.

Recruiting in Namibia

Before you launch your Namibia staffing and recruiting strategy, you need to understand what sets this culture apart. Demonstrating the proper business etiquette and respect for local customs will help you attract top talent and reflect your commitment to building a long-term operation in-country. Follow these four steps to help create a favorable first impression among candidates during the recruitment process.

1. Use a Formal Title

Rank is of the utmost importance in the country’s culture. Always address people using their professional title — Mr. and Mrs., along with a surname, are also acceptable. If you don’t know their last name, use Sir or Ma’am or the Afrikaans version, where sir is “manier,” and ma’am is “may frou.” Do not use first names unless you’ve been invited to do so.

2. Prioritize Personal Relationships

People value personal relationships built through in-person interactions. While phone calls or written correspondence are acceptable ways to initiate business contacts, you’ll likely make a better first impression on candidates by spending time with them in person and engaging in friendly small talk.

3. Greet Candidates With a Strong Handshake

Firm handshakes, along with direct eye contact, are the commonly accepted greetings in the business world. In some cases, you may be greeted with a traditional African handshake, which involves clasping your hands in a handshake, locking your thumbs, and pointing them upwards.

4. Be Punctual

You may have heard about African time, in which tardiness is the norm and punctuality the exception. In this culture, however, the reverse is true. Timeliness is valued, and you should expect to arrive on time and begin meetings promptly. It is considered culturally polite to personally greet everybody in the room with a handshake, beginning with the most senior person.

The Recruitment Process in Namibia

As you plan your Namibia staffing and recruiting processes, you have a few options to consider. You may prefer to manage your recruitment in-house, which is a cost-effective yet time-consuming option.

Whether you hire locals or nonresidents to build out your international operations, you’ll likely follow similar advertising processes to gather your candidates. This may include advertising open positions on your website and social media channels, as well as job hosting sites such as Glassdoor, Go Abroad, and LinkedIn is another popular resource for both local and international workforce candidates.

If you’re managing recruitment internally, be sure you have the human resources personnel needed to communicate with candidates and ensure the process runs smoothly.

If you must make hiring decisions on a tighter timeframe or don’t have the HR capacity in-house, you can turn to either a local headhunting agency or global PEO. Both of these routes will speed up the hiring process and help locate qualified candidates. However, only a global PEO — also known as an employer of record — will ensure you stay legally compliant and meet every local employment regulation.

Namibia Staffing Laws to Follow

Like every country, Namibia has a distinct set of rules and regulations that govern local employment. To remain legally compliant and avoid fines or delays, your company must follow employment compliance laws while recruiting.

These staffing laws include specifications about discrimination during the recruitment and hiring processes. Be mindful to avoid making any hiring decisions based on factors such as gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, political opinion, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability. While these factors may arise during the recruitment and hiring processes, it is crucial to avoid letting them weigh into your decision-making process.

How to Hire Namibia Employees

Namibia allows both fixed- and indefinite-term contracts, but they must be written in the local language. Although you can include any terms applicable to the employment, we recommend including compensation, benefits, termination requirements, and any other terms related to your company. Always include salary and compensation amounts in Namibian dollars to avoid confusion.

Knowing the right business etiquette can help you learn how to hire Namibia employees with respect. For example, male Namibian colleagues often greet each other with an African handshake, while women usually greet each other with words. When you enter a room for a meeting, you should greet everyone in the room and arrive on time. Namibians use an indirect communication style and may be offended if you use a confrontational tone when discussing business.

Namibia Employment Compliance Laws

Namibia’s employment compliance laws include regulations related to working hours. Employees typically shouldn’t work more than 45 hours a week or 10 hours of overtime each week. Keep in mind that after hiring an employee, you must complete a registration form so that the employee can receive an Income Tax Number and begin to get paid.

Although there aren’t many collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) or trade unions in Namibia, you should always check for one before drafting an employment contract. These agreements can have different Namibia employment compliance laws that may go beyond the scope of what you have in your contract.

How Can You Onboard Employees Successfully?

Onboarding employees is a vital part of the hiring process. When employees go through a successful onboarding process, they feel ready to tackle their job and confident in your company. We recommend reviewing the employment contract with employees and having them sign it once they agree to the terms. Then, employees can begin training for their position and learn more about your company’s processes and goals.

Benefits of Namibia Hiring Outsourcing

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to hire Namibia employees, you can benefit from Namibia hiring outsourcing. Globalization Partners can hire employees through our Namibia PEO, then assign those employees to work for your company. We’ll make sure every employee has a positive hiring experience and the skills to be productive right away.

Globalization Partners Is on Your Team

Globalization Partners will act as an extension of your team throughout your expansion. Contact us today to learn more about Namibia hiring outsourcing and our other services.


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