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New Zealand Hiring

When you decide to expand to New Zealand, the team behind you is what will help you succeed. Therefore, you’ll need to hire talented, dedicated staff while staying within all of New Zealand’s employment compliance laws.

Globalization Partners can help with our Employer of Record platform. We’ll hire top candidates through our New Zealand subsidiary and assign them to work for your team. Instead of setting up a subsidiary and waiting months before you can hire employees, we’ll act as your Employer of Record and onboard your workers in a few days.

How to Hire Employees in New Zealand

The best way to hire New Zealand employees is by starting with a written employment contract. Although it can be oral, drafting a written agreement that includes compensation, benefits, and termination terms is the best way to avoid litigation. Make sure the employment contract and offer letter include all compensation amounts in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Trial periods are common in New Zealand, and many employers choose to hire employees under a 90-day trial. Any trial period should be agreed on in writing before the employee’s first day and included in the employment contract.

New Zealand Employment Compliance

Following New Zealand’s employment compliance laws starts before you even hire employees. The country has strict discrimination and harassment laws that impact recruitment and hiring. You cannot discriminate against someone because of their gender, family status, color, race, political opinion, age, disability, and more.

Once your employee starts working for you, they are limited to a 40-hour work week. The country has no statutory working hour rules, but most businesses operate between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. with a half hour lunch.

How to Onboard Employees

Employers can benefit from putting certain practices in place during the onboarding process. First, start by identifying the company culture you want to establish. The New Zealand employees you hire can play a huge role in whether that culture will succeed.

You’ll also need to discuss any training or learning opportunities necessary for your new employees to excel in their positions. Put these plans in place before your employees’ first day and go over them during their first week. You can also discuss:

  • The employment contract
  • An office code of conduct
  • Any advancement opportunities
  • The job description
  • Any additional benefits

Benefits of New Zealand Hiring Outsourcing

Figuring out how to hire New Zealand employees is complicated enough without also worrying about compliance. Instead, New Zealand hiring outsourcing services from Globalization Partners takes the hassle out of hiring employees for your subsidiary. We’ll hire top talent while you manage them through your company without the hassle. Then we’ll put them on our payroll and take on all the liability of New Zealand employment compliance, so you can focus on expanding your company.

Choose Globalization Partners

When you decide to open expand to New Zealand, make Globalization Partners a part of your team. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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