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New Zealand Work Visas & Permits

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New Zealand has more than 80 types of visas, though most are country-specific. With so many options, it’s often difficult to choose the right type of New Zealand work visa for your needs. If you don’t know what type of work permit your employees need or how to get it, turn to Globalization Partners.

We’ve worked for companies expanding to New Zealand before, and we understand how the process works. If you choose not to work with a global PEO, you’ll need to incorporate in the country first to sponsor work permits for all employees. Globalization Partners will allow you to use our registered entity so that you can work quickly without any worries about compliance or work visas.

New Zealand Work Visa Options

Your employees have almost limitless options when it comes to obtaining a New Zealand work visa. That said, a few of the most common visa types include the following:

  • Work visa
  • Student visa
  • Group visitor visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Dependent child resident visa
  • Partner of a New Zealander resident visa
  • Essential skills work visa
  • Working holiday visa
  • Silver fern job search visa

Some of these visa types fall under the eVisa category. Instead of sending in their passport, applicants will instead get an electronic visa that they can find in the immigration electronic system. This solution replaces a physical sticker or passport stamp.

Keep in mind that all of New Zealand’s work visas are temporary — even the options that can lead to permanent residency. However, the visas labeled as “temporary” refer to those that do not help applicants eventually gain permanent residence.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a New Zealand Work Visa?

Since New Zealand has so many different types of work visas, applicants must make sure they follow the right requirements, fees, and procedures for their specific visa. In general, they will need proof of:

  • Identity, including a certificate of identity, a passport, or two acceptable visa photographs
  • Good health, demonstrated by a chest x-ray, health questionnaire, and medical exam after arrival
  • Good character, shown by submission of a character questionnaire and police certificates from the individual’s country of origin as well as any place they’ve lived for at least five years since they turned 17
  • Good faith

Some New Zealand working visas are subject to a points scale, which applicants are awarded based on certain qualifications. The country’s immigration website has a simulation that allows people to test whether they meet the required points to apply. Once they do apply, an immigration officer will assign the points during the visa assessment.

New Zealand Work Permit Application Process

Applicants can complete much of the New Zealand work visa application process through the country’s immigration website. The process is typically fast and easy, and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. However, individuals can apply in person by submitting the form and necessary documents to the corresponding receiving center.

Someone will send a notification if the individual will receive an eVisa. The process of gaining an eVisa usually requires the applicant to open an account with the immigration website and finish the application process. We recommend printing out the eVisa letter and carrying it while living and working in New Zealand.

Unique Considerations to Keep in Mind

Some work permits in New Zealand operate under a quota system. Tight deadlines and limited spots can make it difficult to get what you need when you need it. If there is a set quote, applications will open on a specific day — often 59 days from the application date. Once every country reaches its quota, an applicant can’t apply again until the following year. Some countries have unlimited quotes, such as Canada, the UK, and Japan, but some others have a quota as low as 50.

Globalization Partners Is the Global PEO You Can Trust

The Globalization Partners team is ready to help you succeed in New Zealand and beyond. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Global Expansion Platform™ and how we can help you get work visas in New Zealand. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you successfully expand to New Zealand and even further.

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