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Nicaragua Hiring

Expanding to Nicaragua is a great opportunity to celebrate new business relationships, talented employees, and more. However, it’s also a challenging time during which you have to figure out how to hire Nicaragua employees and follow all of Nicaragua’s employment compliance laws. Globalization Partners will make it easy to hire employees and continue to run all your business locations at the same time using Nicaragua hiring outsourcing. Plus, we’ll act as the Employer of Record to manage all compliance while you manage your company.

How to Hire Employees in Nicaragua

You’re legally required to hire Nicaraguan employees using a fixed-term or indefinite-term written employment contract. All contracts should be in the employee’s local language with multiple employment terms included, such as compensation, benefits, termination requirements, and related factors. Make sure all compensation and salary amounts are in Nicaraguan córdobas so that there’s no confusion between you and the candidate you wish to hire.

If you hire Nicaraguan employees under an indefinite employment contract, you’re allowed to use a trial period that can’t extend past 30 days. Either party can terminate the employment relationship during that time without any liability.

Nicaragua’s Employment Compliance Laws

Nicaragua’s employment compliance laws stipulate a cap of 48 working hours per week. Night shifts have a maximum of 42 hours a week, and mixed shifts can’t exceed 45 hours a week. If employees work any overtime hours, they can’t work more than nine a week. Overtime should get paid at double the employee’s usual rate.

Although Nicaragua’s laws don’t include any specifications about hiring multiple members of one family, many employers do. Hiring one complete family to work at your subsidiary has pros and cons that you should consider before making a decision. However, make sure that the employees you hire know one way or the other if you’re planning to hire the rest of their family members.

Onboarding Employees in Nicaragua

Onboarding employees will be your next challenge after figuring out how to hire Nicaraguan employees. We recommend reviewing the employment contract with employees during their first day with your company. You can also take that time to go over other important documents related to your company. Finally, you should put together a job training program to make sure every employee is fully ready to take on their new position.

Benefits of Using Nicaragua Hiring Outsourcing Services

Choosing Nicaragua hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners can deliver a variety of benefits. First, we’ll handle both the hiring and onboarding process using our Nicaragua PEO. Then, we’ll take on all the compliance as the Employer of Record. Instead of waiting up to a year to hire employees as you set up your subsidiary, you can let us help you get started working in a day or two.

Globalization Partners Wants to Partner With Your Company

Globalization Partners is the partner you need for a successful expansion. Contact our team today to learn more about Nicaragua hiring outsourcing and our full suite of global expansion services.

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