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Pakistan Hiring

Pakistan hiring and employment compliance are important aspects of any expansion in the region. You have to ensure you’re meeting Pakistan employment compliance laws with every employee you hire. Then, you need to onboard them, draft all the employment paperwork, and continue to run your company. Globalization Partners will make a difference in the hiring process from day one. We’ll hire employees who work on your behalf, add them to a compliant payroll, and ensure they meet all your needs.

How to Hire Pakistani Employees

Hiring Pakistani employees needs to start with establishing a personal relationship, which is critical in the country. Negotiating is also an art form in Pakistan that typically occurs among senior members, so you should prepare for long discussions about business and also hiring terms. Although the national language is Urdu, only 8% of the population speaks it, and the rest speak more than 80 languages. If you don’t have someone in your company who’s fluent in all these languages, it’s important to hire a team member or translator who can work with employees.

All businesses that have 20 or more employees must draft a formal employment contract every time they hire someone. These contracts should be in the local language and spell out all the terms of compensation, benefits, and termination requirements. All compensation and other salary amounts need to be in Pakistani Rupee instead of foreign currency.

Pakistan Employment Compliance Laws

Pakistan employment compliance laws dictate the typical workweek for all employees. Full-time employees typically work 48 hours over six days a week — eight hours a day. They are not allowed to work more than nine hours a day or 48 hours a week without getting paid overtime.

When you hire employees in Pakistan, you have to provide each one with Form IT-3 once they’re hired. Companies also need to register with the FBR by filing a TRF01 or registering on the FBR website.

How to Successfully Onboard Employees

After you understand how to hire Pakistani employees, you need to onboard them in a way that makes employees comfortable. While there’s no legally mandated way to onboard employees, you can take steps to introduce them to your company. Start by going over the employment contract together as well as a company code of conduct and any other important documents. You can also choose to onboard multiple employees at one time to try to establish camaraderie and build a bond among coworkers.

Benefits of Choosing Pakistan Hiring Outsourcing Services

You can receive a variety of benefits through choosing Pakistan hiring outsourcing services with Globalization Partners. We’ll source the right talent for your open positions and ensure you meet every compliance law along the way. We’ll also add them to our local payroll and give out the right compensation and benefits. As a result, you won’t have to go through the lengthy subsidiary process or worry about Pakistan employment compliance — Globalization Partners will take care of everything.

Work With Globalization Partners for Your Expansion

Globalization Partners will help make your expansion easier through our Employer of Record platform. Contact us today to learn more.

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