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Panama Hiring

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Your team is essential to your success in Panama and beyond. When you take the time to hire talented employees and onboard them successfully, you’re investing in the health of your company for years to come. However, some companies don’t have the time to deal with recruiting, hiring, and onboarding when they’re also managing many other complicated aspects of an expansion.

That’s why Globalization Partners offers Panama hiring outsourcing to companies that are ready to open a subsidiary in the country. We will recruit the right candidates for your open positions or onboard people you’ve already chosen. You won’t have to worry about compliance or the stress of hiring, as we’ll act as the Employer of Record.

How to Hire Panama Employees

When you’re learning how to hire Panama employees, you’ll have two options — an employment contract or an oral agreement. While Panama doesn’t stipulate a written contract for employment, the country’s labor laws do favor an employee’s version of events when it comes to disputing an oral contract. We recommend drafting a strong written contract that will create a clear agreement between you and the employee.

You must create three different employment contract copies — one for you, one for the employee, and another that will be filed with the Ministry of Labor. You can add any terms to the contract that are relevant to employment, but you should always include compensation, benefits, termination requirements, working hours, and related factors.

Panama Employment Compliance Laws

Panama’s employment compliance laws include two principal items for an employment relationship. The first is legal subordination, which is the employer’s right to control or direct the employee and the employee’s duty to obey the employer. The second is economic dependency, which is when the employee’s only source of income is from you and is financially dependent on you.

As an employer, you need to meet certain laws during and after the hiring process. For example, employers have to register with CSS within the first six days of starting operations. After registering, CSS will grant all employers an employee number. You’re responsible for ensuring that all employees are registered with social security within six days of starting work with your company.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

Onboarding employees can be as long or short as you need it to be. Start by making sure employees sign their employment contract before they start working. Based on their previous experience, you should enroll them in a training program to help them learn about their new jobs and your company. Finally, help employees meet each other by hosting events and encouraging collaboration.

Benefits of Panama Hiring Outsourcing

Panama hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners is the best way for you to save time during your expansion to Panama. You won’t need to worry about establishing your own subsidiary when you can instead work through our existing infrastructure. Our team will use that infrastructure to hire employees through our global PEO but assign them to work for you. Every employee will have a positive hiring experience and get to start work for your company immediately.

Why Work With Globalization Partner?

Globalization Partners is truly the partner you need for a worry-free expansion. Contact us today to learn more about Panama hiring outsourcing with our team.

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