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Paraguay Hiring

Your employees are your company’s most important asset. Hiring the right Paraguay employees and onboarding them successfully will ensure that your new location can work efficiently. However, it’s often difficult to focus on hiring when you’re running numerous company locations, learning Paraguay’s employment compliance laws, and more.

Globalization Partners takes the stress out of hiring through Paraguay hiring outsourcing services. Instead of waiting months until you can set up your subsidiary before hiring, you can use our existing Paraguay subsidiary to start working right away. We’ll recruit candidates if you don’t already have top talent in mind, then we’ll hire your employees and assign them to work for you.

How to Hire Paraguay Employees

If you’re wondering how to hire Paraguay employees, remember that it’s best to start with an employment contract. Although it’s not required by law, we recommend using an oral or written contract in Spanish. You should spell out the terms of the employment relationship, including compensation, benefits, working hours, bonuses, and more. Compensation amounts should be in Paraguayan Guarani instead of another currency.

Paraguay’s Employment Compliance Laws

Paraguay’s employment compliance laws will allow you to hire workers using a probation period. Unskilled workers can have a trial period up to 30 days, while skilled workers can have one for up to 60 days. For extremely technical positions, you can negotiate your own probation period, but the norm is six months.

Once you hire employees, you need to follow the country’s laws related to working hours and overtime. Employees typically work a 48-hour week and should get paid for any additional hours. Although collective bargaining is allowed for terms such as overtime, only 4% of the nation’s workforce uses a collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

How to Onboard Your Employees Successfully

You know your companies and employees best, which is why you can choose how you want to onboard employees after gathering all the necessary paperwork. After you hire your Paraguay employees, always review the employment contract with them on their first day or week of employment. You should also provide a training program for employees that’s specific to their position. If you hire several new workers at one time, try to introduce them to promote team bonding.

Benefits of Opting for Paraguay Hiring Outsourcing

If you’re not sure how you’ll find the time to recruit talented candidates, hire them according to Paraguay’s employment compliance laws, and onboard them, Globalization Partners can help. We offer a whole suite of global expansion services, including Paraguay hiring outsourcing. You can use our Paraguay PEO to expand quickly, and your employees will be productive from day one. They’ll have a positive hiring experience, and you can spend your time focusing on running your Paraguay location and parent company.

Globalization Partners Can Help Your Team

You don’t need to stress about your expansion to Paraguay. Choose Globalization Partners to ensure that your expansion will be fast, smooth, and compliant.¬†Contact us today¬†for more information about Paraguay hiring outsourcing and our global expansion platform.

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