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Paraguay Recruiting & Hiring

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Your employees are your company’s most important asset. Recruiting andhiring the right Paraguay employees, then onboarding them successfully will ensure that your new location can work efficiently. However, it’s often difficult to focus on hiring when you’re running numerous company locations, learning Paraguay’s employment compliance laws, and more.

Globalization Partners takes the stress out of recruiting and hiring through Paraguay hiring outsourcing services. Instead of waiting months until you can set up your subsidiary before hiring, you can use our existing Paraguay subsidiary to start working right away. We’ll recruit candidates if you don’t already have top talent in mind, then we’ll hire your employees and assign them to work for you.

Recruiting in Paraguay

Paraguay has a wealth of traditions and natural wonders, drawing both companies and workers. However, with its mix of cultures, hiring can prove challenging for companies unfamiliar with the country. Understanding these nuances and work etiquette can help you impress job candidates and hire the most talented applicants. Here are three things to understand about Paraguay’s work culture.

1. Use an Indirect and Warm Communication Style

Whenever you communicate with potential employees, you will want to match their expressive, warm, and polite style. Holding eye contact throughout a conversation indicates that you’re engaged and interested in what they’re saying. People usually speak indirectly to avoid marring an otherwise harmonious relationship. Frankness can also seem confrontational, so try to convey certain points more subtly. Additionally, someone could say yes out of politeness without really meaning it, making it important to read body language.

2. Expect Meetings to Start Late

While it’s normal for business appointments to begin 10 to 20 minutes late, people expect visitors to always arrive on time. Connections are valuable, and it’s important to establish a personal relationship with someone before entering into a business relationship. Accomplishing this could mean making small talk with a candidate during an interview or waiting to make a deal until they feel like they truly know you.

Overall, face-to-face communication is vital, and the majority of people will want to meet in person instead of speaking over the phone or through email.

3. Dress Conservatively and Formally for Initial Meetings

The majority of people dress conservatively for work, especially when first meeting someone. Men will typically wear a dark suit and tie for this type of meeting, while women will wear a suit or dress. One of the hallmarks of society is grooming — everyone makes sure their hair, nails, makeup, and dress look clean despite their economic status.

The Recruitment Process in Paraguay

You will be more successful in staffing and recruiting when you know where to find the best candidates. Some of the top job sites in the country include BuscoJobs and Opcion Empleo. You can also advertise open positions in the Ultima Hora, one of the most popular newspapers.

Your Paraguay recruiting process will also depend on whether you want to hire local or nonresident employees. Expatriates will need a work permit to work in the country and a concrete job offer from you as an employer before getting a visa. If you decide to hire individuals from other countries, it’s best to contact the local embassy or consulate for more information about the documents those individuals will need.

Can You Do a Background Check on a Candidate?

Before you officially hire a candidate, you may want to perform certain checks to ensure they’re a good fit for your team. You are permitted to do:

  • Education and past employment checks.
  • Criminal record checks.
  • Credit and financial checks.
  • Health checks or medical screenings.
  • Social media and internet searches.

If you decide to perform a criminal record check, drug or alcohol test, or a health check, the applicant must consent to the screening. You also cannot ask an applicant to undergo an HIV test. The country does not explicitly prohibit any types of background checks, but fingerprinting, handwriting, union membership, political, and drug and alcohol testing are unusual or permitted only in limited circumstances.

Keep in mind that the Constitution and Labor Code prohibit using the information obtained from any of the above checks in a discriminatory way. For example, you cannot choose to staff your Paraguay business with a specific candidate based on race, sex, age, religion, social status, or political preference. You are not required to provide any reasons for why you didn’t hire a candidate, though.

How to Hire Paraguay Employees

If you’re wondering how to hire Paraguay employees, remember that it’s best to start with an employment contract. Although it’s not required by law, we recommend using an oral or written contract in Spanish. You should spell out the terms of the employment relationship, including compensation, benefits, working hours, bonuses, and more. Compensation amounts should be in Paraguayan Guarani instead of another currency.

Paraguay’s Employment Compliance Laws

Paraguay’s employment compliance laws will allow you to hire workers using a probation period. Unskilled workers can have a trial period up to 30 days, while skilled workers can have one for up to 60 days. For extremely technical positions, you can negotiate your own probation period, but the norm is six months.

Once you hire employees, you need to follow the country’s laws related to working hours and overtime. Employees typically work a 48-hour week and should get paid for any additional hours. Although collective bargaining is allowed for terms such as overtime, only 4% of the nation’s workforce uses a collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

How to Onboard Your Employees Successfully

You know your companies and employees best, which is why you can choose how you want to onboard employees after gathering all the necessary paperwork. After you hire your Paraguay employees, always review the employment contract with them on their first day or week of employment. You should also provide a training program for employees that’s specific to their position. If you hire several new workers at one time, try to introduce them to promote team bonding.

Benefits of Opting for Paraguay Hiring Outsourcing

If you’re not sure how you’ll find the time to recruit talented candidates, hire them according to Paraguay’s employment compliance laws, and onboard them, Globalization Partners can help. We offer a whole suite of global expansion services, including Paraguay hiring outsourcing. You can use our Paraguay PEO to expand quickly, and your employees will be productive from day one. They’ll have a positive hiring experience, and you can spend your time focusing on running your Paraguay location and parent company.

Globalization Partners Can Help Your Team

You don’t need to stress about your expansion to Paraguay. Choose Globalization Partners to ensure that your expansion will be fast, smooth, and compliant. Contact us today for more information about Paraguay hiring outsourcing and our global expansion platform.

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