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Singapore Work Visas & Permits

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Is your company planning an expansion to Singapore? If so, you need a talented team of employees to make the move with you. Current employees at your parent company, as well as candidates from other countries, will need a Singapore work visa to legally work.

If you don’t know how to get a work visa in Singapore, Globalization Partners can help. Our team is made up of global expansion experts, and we’ll hire employees through our Singapore entity, handling recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and obtaining work permits. You can trust us to help you expand quickly and easily.

Types of Singapore Work Passes

Singapore has a variety of work visas known as passes. Everyone has to obtain a work pass to work in the country, even if they’re not subject to a Singapore visa. Singapore’s passes are divided into four major categories, which follow:

  • Passes for professionals
  • Passes for skilled and semi-skilled workers
  • Passes for trainees and students
  • Short-term passes

Your company’s employees will most likely fall into the first two categories. Professional workers — such as foreign managers, executives, and professionals — who make at least $3,600 a month can apply for an employment pass. Current employment pass holders and higher-earning foreigners can apply for a personalized employment pass, which is more flexible than other options. Finally, investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a business should apply for EntrePass.

Skilled and semi-skilled workers can apply for a variety of work passes. However, the most popular is the S pass, which is available to mid-level skilled workers who make at least $2,300 a month. Foreign worker quotas and levies do apply to this Singapore work visa, though.

Requirements to Obtain a Singapore Work Pass

The requirements to obtain a Singapore work visa depend on what type of pass your employees need. For example, those applying for an employment pass must be higher earners with work experience and acceptable qualifications. Starting in January 2017, young graduates from good institutions are also eligible for an employment pass if they make more than $3,600 a month.

Most mid-level skilled workers who apply for the S pass are technicians or the equivalent. They must have a fixed monthly salary of at least $2,300 and meet education qualifications and work experience levels.

What Steps Do You Need to Take to Get a Singapore Working Pass?

As an employer, you’ll need to handle your employees’ Singapore working visas on their behalf. You can apply for the work visa online through EP — an online application service through the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The application process includes:

  • Employees finding a job in Singapore
  • Employers submitting the application
  • Paying the application processing fee
  • Receiving an In-Principle Approval (IPA) or In-Principle Rejection letter
  • Traveling to Singapore through the IPA letter
  • Applying to get the Singapore work visa issued
  • Paying a fee for the pass
  • Receiving a notification letter when the pass is issued
  • Registering at the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC)

Other Unique Considerations for a Singapore Work Permit

Some of your employees may have family members they want to bring to Singapore with them. Certain professional and skilled workers can bring close family members such as married spouses and children under 21 through a Dependent’s Pass. Family members who don’t qualify for the Dependent’s Pass will need to get a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP).

As of April 2019, Singapore changed its administrative fees for passes. The employment pass application fee is now $105, and the S pass application fee is $75. Once it’s issued or you need to renew an employee’s pass, you’ll owe $225 and $100, respectively.

How Globalization Partners Can Help

If you don’t understand the work pass requirements, you could deal with fines or delays in the incorporation process. Globalization Partners will ensure that you’re compliant from the start. As a global PEO, we can handle everything from hiring employees to dealing with Singapore work visas and payroll. Contact us today to learn more about our Global Expansion Platform™ and how we can help you employ top talent in Singapore.

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