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Qatar Recruiting & Hiring

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When you first started hiring employees for your parent company, it may have taken months to find the right people for your open jobs and the duties you had in mind. Imagine the same hiring process, but in a foreign company with different employment compliance laws, cultural norms, and more. Instead of spending months trying to figure out how to recruit and hire employees in Qatar, you can choose a better option.

Globalization Partners will find the right talent in a day or two. As a global PEO, we’re able to source talent and hire employees through our existing subsidiary. These individuals will work for you without you facing the stress of establishing your own subsidiary.

Recruiting in Qatar

It’s essential for you to understand the local culture and expectations of a country to ensure proper business etiquette before you start staffing. When you’re working overseas, a cultural misunderstanding could be the only thing standing between your company and a great addition to your team.

Qatar is a popular location for expatriates and international businesses. Many Qataris are used to working with foreigners, so they’re understanding about cultural differences. Even so, taking some time to learn about the country’s business etiquette and expectations can make a significant difference when it comes to finding the right employees and connecting with them so that they’ll want to work with you for years to come. Consider the following guidelines as you start setting up meetings and interviews with potential hires.

1. Relax Your Approach to Time Management

Qataris generally have a relaxed mindset when it comes to punctuality, so you might be caught off guard if you’re used to conducting business in a country like Japan or the United States where it’s crucial to be on time. Adjust your expectations when you’re staffing and recruiting in Qatar. Don’t take it as a sign of disrespect if a candidate is a bit late for a meeting or interview.

2. Be Considerate of Religious Customs

Islam is the official state religion in Qatar, so you should consider religious customs a part of the country’s culture. Avoid scheduling meetings and interviews around daily prayers if you can. You should also keep religious holidays in mind. Many businesses adjust their working hours during Ramadan, for example.

Additionally, respect dietary restrictions if you plan to share a meal with candidates or new employees. Avoid serving alcohol and pork. Many restaurants in Qatar do not feature either of these items on the menu, but it’s best to refrain from ordering them if they happen to be available.

3. Take Your Time With Greetings

Personal relationships are an important aspect of business in Qatar. As a result, first impressions carry a lot of weight. Take your time when you greet a prospective employee, and show genuine interest. Qataris will appreciate this gesture and take it as a sign that you care about getting to know them.

In Qatar, handshakes are the most common form of greeting in professional settings. Keep in mind that men should always wait for women to initiate handshakes. You should also plan to exchange business cards. Take a few moments to look over a candidate’s card before putting it away.

What Is the Recruitment Process in Qatar Like?

Understanding the local culture is just one side of the recruitment process. You should also consider some of the logistics of recruiting in Qatar, including the best channels for sourcing talent and your legal responsibilities as an employer.

Sourcing talent is one of the first steps of the recruitment process. You can advertise your company’s open positions online and in local newspapers. As you do, remember that most business in the country is conducted in Arabic, so you might need to work with a translator throughout your recruitment efforts.

Legal Requirements for Recruiting and Staffing in Qatar

Your company must follow all relevant laws in Qatar during the recruitment process. While the country does not have the extensive employment laws you might see in some other countries, the constitution does have a framework in place to prevent discriminatory practices. The law protects all persons in Qatar from discrimination based on:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Language
  • Religion

To avoid compliance issues, your recruiting team should avoid asking candidates any direct questions about any of the above traits. Some of these characteristics are likely to come up during the recruitment process, but you’ll need to make sure they don’t factor into any hiring decisions.

How to Hire Employees in Qatar

Since Qatar has a large number of foreign nationals, you’ll often need to sponsor a work permit to hire an employee. Globalization Partners can sponsor the work permits for you, but we may need the nationality or work history of an employee to confirm the visa. It’s important to clarify whether you’ll sponsor only the employee’s work and residency permit or the candidate’s family’s residency permits. Many companies will also help a spouse and children get residency permits when hiring Qatar employees.

Qatar Employment Compliance Laws

The biggest Qatar employment compliance law is your employment contract. You must hire all employees under an employment contract in the local language. We recommend including benefits, compensation, termination and entitlement terms, and more to make sure there’s no confusion. Any compensation, salary, or bonus amounts in an offer letter or employment contract need to be in Qatari riyal instead of another currency.

How to Onboard Employees

Once you learn how to hire employees in Qatar, you need to onboard all your new employees and stay compliant with the country’s laws. Although there isn’t one way you must onboard employees, you can make them more comfortable by:

  • Traveling to Qatar for the employee’s first day or week
  • Onboarding several employees at one time to save time and allow bonding
  • Providing job training tailored to the employee’s position
  • Reviewing all employment contracts, visas, and similar documents
  • Creating events for new employees to get to know each other and the company

The Benefit of Qatar Hiring Outsourcing

Instead of trying to hire your Qatar employees on your own, you can work with Globalization Partners. Our Qatar hiring outsourcing services will take hiring off your plate so that you can focus on running your company and keeping it successful. We’ll either onboard your preferred candidates or help recruit the right people to fill your positions. As the Employer of Record, we’ll be the team responsible for compliance instead of you. You won’t have to worry about hiring employees or figuring out Qatar’s employment compliance laws to stay compliant.

Partner With Globalization Partners Today

When you’re ready to open a new company location in Qatar, Globalization Partners can help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about Qatar hiring outsourcing and get answers to any questions you have.

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