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Russia Hiring

Hiring employees in Russia is arguably the most important task of an expansion. Companies have to meet Russia’s strict employment compliance laws to continue working in the country, and you need to find the right employees who will grow your company. However, it can feel difficult to focus on hiring when you’re also dealing with the many facets of growing a business.

Globalization Partners understands these challenges and can mitigate them through Russia hiring outsourcing. We’ll source talented candidates for your open positions, then onboard them using our existing subsidiary to help them start working faster. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about compliance, as we’ll act as the Employer of Record.

How to Hire Russian Employees

Russia has strict labor laws grounded in the country’s communist roots. Regulations favor employees, and socialism means there’s a focus on an employee’s well-being instead of business growth. Employers should recognize the high levels of red tape, strict disciplinary process, substantial paperwork, and more involved in complying with local labor laws.

You also need a strong fixed- or indefinite-term employment contract in the local language to hire Russian employees. Both your employment contract and offer letter should include compensation amounts in rubles. Legally, the contract needs to include certain information and terms about employment, including:

  • Names of the employee and employer
  • Job details and start date
  • Terms of remuneration
  • Working hours
  • Holidays
  • Social insurance
  • Occupational hazards protection

Russia Employment Compliance Laws

Russia’s employment compliance laws include working hours that every employee must follow. The standard workweek is 40 hours, and employees need written consent to work overtime. Any overtime should not exceed four hours over two consecutive days. You should include these terms in the employment contract, as well as how much you will compensate for overtime.

The Best Way to Onboard Employees

Once you hire Russian employees, you need to obtain certain documents to onboard them and meet the country’s employment compliance laws. Employees should have a passport and Russian work visa if they’re from a foreign country, as well as educational documents and a retirement insurance certificate.

Since every company operates differently, you should create an onboarding process that works for you. Make sure you provide job training that will help employees stay comfortable, and review the employment contract and other important documents during your employee’s first week.

Benefits of Choosing Russia Hiring Outsourcing

One of the complications of learning how to hire Russian employees is that you have to set up a subsidiary first. Your location and entity will both impact how long it takes to incorporate, and it could be a few months before you’re ready to hire and onboard employees.

Instead of spending your time establishing a subsidiary and potentially losing top talent, take advantage of the fact that Globalization Partners can help you hire Russian employees without an incorporated entity. As a global PEO, we can use our existing subsidiary to offer Russia hiring outsourcing. When you work with us, you can start operating faster, and your employees will have a great hiring experience.

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