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Rwanda Work Visas and Permits

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Applying for or renewing a work visa in Rwanda can cause stress if you’re not prepared. Understanding the correct documents, asking questions, and putting together all required paperwork ahead of time can save you stress, money, and time. However, not all companies undertaking an expansion have the time to figure out how to get a Rwanda work visa for every employee.

That’s why Globalization Partners offers help through our Global Expansion Platform™. We use our Rwanda PEO to act as the Employer of Record, handling everything from hiring employees to running payroll on behalf of your company. With our team on your side, you can feel confident every employee has the right Rwanda working visa.

What Types of Rwanda Work Visas Are There?

Rwanda has several visa classes, including:

  • Class V-1 Single Entry visa: This visa applies to foreigners from certain countries wishing to visit Rwanda for any reason besides work, or a person from any country wanting to enter Rwanda to find work and obtain the appropriate visa.
  • Class V-1 Multiple Entry visa: A class V-1 multiple entry visa applies to the same people listed above but allows for multiple trips into the country.
  • Class Q1 – Transit: People coming through Rwanda for 72 hours or less should apply for this visa.
  • Class T2 Tourist: This visa applies to individuals from certain countries coming to visit Rwanda for a holiday, sightseeing, visiting relatives, and other short-term non-work purposes.
  • Class T3 Tourist – Family: A visa for people visiting a family member or another close relative living and working in Rwanda.
  • Class T4 Visiting Diplomat: This visa applies to visiting diplomats coming to Rwanda for official purposes.
  • Class T6-1: Single-Entry – Conference: This visa is for eligible people speaking at a conference, meeting, workshop, or seminar.
  • Class T6-2 Multiple-Entry – Conference: The class T6-2 multiple-entry is for the same people listed above but allows multiple entries into the country.
  • Class T7 Business: Prospective investors, entrepreneurs, or traders can get this visa to explore business opportunities in Rwanda.
  • Class T8 Tourist – Medical Treatment: Anyone who needs medical treatment/consultations in Rwanda can obtain this visa.
  • Class L9 Tourist – Group Tourist: Anyone traveling as a member of a group with four to 10 tourists, either individually or with a tour operator.
  • Class T12 – East Africa Tourist visa: A foreigner who wants to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda in one trip.

Requirements to Obtain a Work Permit in Rwanda

Almost all foreign nationals are required to apply for a visa to enter and stay in Rwanda. They also need a work permit, as a visa only allows entry to the country but not employment. Work permits are split into categories just like visas, but the two main options are temporary or permanent. Five types of permits describe the different natures of employment, such as:

H1: Skilled workers in an in-demand occupation
H2: Skilled workers sponsored by an organization
H3: Journalist or media
H4: Semiskilled or artisan workers
H5: International organization employees

There are additional Rwanda work permit categories for other purposes, such as students or investors. Applicants will need relevant documents in either French or English to complete their work permit application.

Additional requirements to get an initial visa include:

  • Color passport photo
  • Completed application form
  • Application letter
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Employment contract
  • Business registration certificate
  • Trading license
  • Notarized degree and diploma
  • Police clearance
  • Copy of green card

What Is the Application Process Like for a Working Visa in Rwanda?

Applicants should have a valid passport or another type of travel document with at least six months’ validity on the day they enter Rwanda. Your employees can apply for the visa upon arrival or submit an application online before leaving their home country. The visa fee is either due online or upon arrival. The other option is applying at the Rwanda Diplomatic Mission in their country of residence.

If your employees need to extend their visas, they can apply with the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration. They should submit all visa extensions while the initial visa is valid.

Other Important and Unique Considerations

Rwanda has agreements with many other countries that allow citizens to obtain a free 90-day visa upon entering the country. Angola, Benin, the Central African Republic, Chad, Singapore, Sierra Leone, and more are all countries with these agreements.

Work With Globalization Partners Today

Globalization Partners will help you expand to Rwanda and obtain work visas with ease. Contact us today to learn more about how to get a work visa in Rwanda and how you can benefit from our Global Expansion Platform™.

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