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Serbia Hiring

Hiring the right individuals in Serbia can make all the difference in the success of your new location. However, establishing a subsidiary first presents challenges to the hiring process. It can take weeks or months to incorporate before you can hire, leading talented candidates to look elsewhere for new positions. Globalization Partners changes the process through our Serbia hiring outsourcing services. We will hire employees to work on your behalf through our established subsidiary, and get you started in a few days instead of a few weeks.

How to Hire Serbian Employees

Hiring the right employees begins with cultural understanding. Most business people in Serbia are well-educated and speak English. They value relationships with partners who establish a local presence in the community. Businesses are usually hierarchical, so you need to negotiate with people who have the power to make an agreement.

In 2014, Serbia passed legislation making it easier to conduct business and build the economy. Since then, employers can hire and fire employees faster.

Serbian Employment Compliance Laws

You must follow Serbia’s employment compliance laws from start to finish. The country’s new labor laws allow fixed-term contracts up to 24 months with the option to extend for 36 months, the length of the project, or the entire length of the employee’s remaining service if they are within five years of retirement.

Serbia requires you draft fixed-term and indefinite term contracts in the local language every time you hire an employee. The contract should spell out the terms of an employee’s compensation, benefits, and termination requirements. Make sure all compensation amounts are in dinar instead of another currency.

How to Onboard Employees in Serbia

Companies in Serbia are free to onboard employees in the way they see fit. Although Serbia’s employment compliance laws do not stipulate one way to onboard employees, you can take a few steps to help employees feel more comfortable. We recommend reading over the employment contract with the employees during their first day or week and reviewing any company policies that would impact their position.

Benefits of Serbia Hiring Outsourcing

Choosing to outsource your Serbia hiring can help you realize more benefits sooner. You could work with a recruitment agency, or you can work with a global PEO such as Globalization Partners. We use our Employer of Record platform to hire Serbian employees on your behalf and handle all payroll compliance. Our goal is to make your expansion as easy as possible and take the stress of compliance off your shoulders.

Choose Globalization Partners

When you work with Globalization Partners, we’ll use our Serbia hiring outsourcing services to streamline your hiring process.┬áContact us today┬áto learn more about how we can make your expansion to Serbia easier.

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