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Serbia Payroll

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Serbia is a small, landlocked country between Central and Southeastern Europe. With a similar culture to other countries in Western Europe and a pending application to join the EU, Serbia is a great country to choose for your expansion. During the process, you’ll need to navigate Serbia payroll options, set up a payroll, and ensure compliance.

Globalization Partners will make the process easier with Serbia payroll outsourcing. As a global PEO, we use our existing subsidiary to run your compliant payroll, hire employees that work on your behalf, and make your expansion painless and easy.

Taxation Rules for Your Serbia Payroll

Serbia’s social security program includes pension and disability, health insurance, and unemployment insurance. Employees and employers contribute to all three areas at varying rates:

  • Pension and disability: Employees contribute 19.9%, and employers contribute 17.9%
  • Health insurance: Employers and employees contribute 6.15%
  • Unemployment insurance: Employers and employees contribute 0.75%

As an employer, you have to withhold all employees’ income tax as part of your Serbia payroll. Residents of Serbia should get taxed on worldwide income, while non-residents only get taxed on income earned in Serbia. Serbia’s personal income tax rate starts at 10% for individuals making up to RSD 457,012,800. Employees making above that threshold get charged an additional 15%.

Various Serbia Payroll Options

Before you set up your Serbia payroll, you need to decide which option is best for your company. The four main Serbia payroll options include:

  • Internal: Larger companies looking to operate in Serbia for years to come may want to establish their own internal payroll. This option will require hiring a larger staff, though, so you can run your payroll.
  • Remote: Remote payroll works well for big parent companies who want their subsidiary to operate under the same payroll. However, you need to ensure you follow the correct regulations for each company.
  • Serbia payroll processing company: A Serbia payroll processing company will take care of outsourcing your payroll, but you will still be held responsible for all payroll regulations and employment compliance laws.
  • Serbia payroll outsourcing: Finally, you can outsource your Serbia payroll with Globalization Partners. We use our Employer of Record platform to handle your payroll and take on the responsibility of compliance.

What Do You Need to Set up Your Serbia Payroll?

The most important thing you need to set up your Serbia payroll is a compliant subsidiary. Establishing a subsidiary in Serbia allows you to operate legally in the country, and you can start hiring employees and adding them to a Serbia payroll option. However, establishing a subsidiary can take weeks or months and leave you without an option in the meantime.

Globalization Partners can assist with our Serbia payroll outsourcing services. We’ll help you navigate complex employment compliance laws, and get your Serbia payroll set up faster.

Learn These Entitlement and Termination Terms

We recommend outlining entitlement and termination terms in an employment contract before you hire employees and set up your payroll since termination can be tricky in Serbia. You should include the exact duration of notice in a contract and give the employee a warning before terminating them for violating work duty or discipline.

Let Globalization Partners Help With Your Expansion

Contact us today to learn more about our Serbia payroll outsourcing services and how we can help with your expansion.

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