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Seychelles Hiring

Hiring in your country of origin can sometimes be difficult, but it’s even more of a challenge to learn how to hire employees in a foreign country. Traditionally, you would need to establish a subsidiary, then hire employees in Seychelles and learn the country’s employment compliance laws to stay compliant. Globalization Partners simplifies this process through Seychelles hiring outsourcing. We can use our Employer of Record platform to hire employees and assign them to work for you while handling compliance to give you peace of mind.

How to Hire Seychelles Employees

You must hire employees in Seychelles under an employment contract required by law. Seychelles allows both fixed-term and indefinite contracts, but you need to put a written employment contract in place. Contracts should be in the local language and include everything from compensation to statutory benefits and termination terms. All compensation and salary amounts should be in Seychellois rupees instead of another currency.

Seychelles Employment Compliance Laws

Even after you hire employees, you’ll need to carefully follow Seychelles employment compliance laws. The standard workweek is no more than 60 hours or 12 hours a day. Employees can work overtime of up to 60 hours a month or 15 extra hours each week.

Although collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and trade unions are not very common in Seychelles, we recommend checking to see if your employees are covered by one. These agreements often include different Seychelles employment compliance laws that may be more expansive than the statutory requirements.

The Best Way to Onboard Employees

Companies in Seychelles should onboard employees using a process that’s best for their specific business and operations. We recommend onboarding multiple individuals at once to save time and help employees bond with one another. You should also provide job training during the employee’s first day or week of work to make sure they’re truly confident in their new position and ready to help your new branch succeed.

Once you hire employees in Seychelles, you’ll need to clear your schedule to travel to the country for introductions and onboarding. If you’re too busy to make the trip, try working with another company executive who can travel to Seychelles and help your employees see their value to the company.

Benefits of Seychelles Hiring Outsourcing

Companies expanding to Seychelles have to set up a subsidiary before they can start operations. That’s why Globalization Partners offers Seychelles hiring outsourcing using our existing subsidiary. Instead of potentially waiting weeks or even months to start working, remember that we can help make your employees productive from day one. In addition to providing a great hiring experience, we’ll also handle all matters of Seychelles employment compliance so that you can focus on successfully growing your company.

Let Globalization Partners Help With Your Expansion

Globalization Partners will strive to help make your expansion successful and as stress-free as possible.┬áReach out to us today┬áif you’re ready to learn more about Seychelles hiring outsourcing and get started with your quick, compliant expansion.

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