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South Africa Recruiting & Hiring

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Employing workers is arguably one of the most challenging parts of starting a business, whether you’re setting up a subsidiary in a foreign country or adding to your parent company’s team. Hiring in South Africa can be particularly complicated since the nation has strict employment compliance laws. If you are searching for an easier way, Globalization Partners can help through our South Africa hiring outsourcing services. We will recruit top talent and hire them to work on your behalf, saving you time and unnecessary stress.

How to Hire Employees in South Africa

Hiring employees in South Africa starts with an employment contract. This contract can be either oral or written, but it should include particular terms such as compensation, benefits, and termination requirements. Always state compensation and benefits amounts in South African Rand (ZAR).

Employment contracts are typically executed for an indefinite duration. Labor law prohibits employers from using fixed-term employment contracts for permanent tasks. If you decide to hire an employee under a fixed-term contract, both parties must agree upon its duration.

South Africa Employment Compliance

South Africa has a vast system of employment laws that govern the hiring process and the employment relationship. The country’s standard work week is 45 hours. Employees who work five days or fewer per week can work up to nine hours a day. If they work more than five days a week, the employee will typically work eight hours a day.

Workers usually get an hour-long lunch break if they work more than five hours unless a written agreement states otherwise. However, anyone who works up to six hours can eliminate their meal break through their employment contract. Some of these laws can change if the employee is in senior management or sales.

How to Onboard Employees

The onboarding process differs from employer to employer. Ultimately, you’ll decide how you want to onboard employees, but you can follow several best practices, including:

  • Establishing a workplace culture before your employees start
  • Introducing any training modules or other educational opportunities the employees will need to succeed
  • Flying company executives to South Africa for the employees’ first day or week
  • Onboarding multiple employees at the same time to increase camaraderie

Benefits of South Africa Hiring Outsourcing

South Africa hiring outsourcing services can make a noticeable difference for your company. Globalization Partners does more than just outsource your business’ hiring. We can also help you find the best employees and hire them through our PEO in South Africa. As the Employer of Record, we’ll be held compliant for all hiring matters instead of you. Further, we shorten the entire process to only a few days instead of the months it could take you to do it alone.

Choose Globalization Partners

When you are ready to hire employees in South Africa, choose Globalization Partners for all your hiring and South Africa employment compliance needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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