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Tanzania Hiring

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Hiring Tanzania employees is the most important task you’ll undertake during an expansion. Finding the right employees will set the tone for your success and free up your time so that you can focus on growing your bottom line. However, many companies have trouble finding the time to recruit, hire, and onboard while also establishing a subsidiary.

Instead of learning how to hire Tanzania employees, remember that we can hire them through our global PEO and assign them to work for your company. Every employee will have a positive hiring experience and be ready to start working for you in as little as a day or two. Plus, we’ll shoulder all Tanzania employment compliance as the Employer of Record, so you can concentrate exclusively on managing your business.

How to Hire Tanzania Employees

All employment relationships in Tanzania must start with a written or oral employment contract. However, we recommend creating a written employment contract in Swahili to help you avoid miscommunication. Your contract can include any vital employment information, but it’s best to outline compensation, working hours, benefits, termination requirements, and more. Make sure all salary and compensation amounts are in Tanzanian Shillings instead of another currency.

Keep in mind that the process can change depending on the type of employee you’re hiring. If you decide to hire foreign employees, you’ll need to go through the visa and work permit application process first. In countries with strong collective bargaining organizations, you may have separate laws and regulations to follow.

Tanzania Employment Compliance Laws

Tanzania employment compliance laws apply to all the work employees do with your company. For example, employees cannot work more than nine hours a day or 45 hours a week. They must receive a one-hour unpaid lunch break after working five continuous hours.

If an employee works over their regular allotted time, they should get overtime pay. Overtime cannot exceed 50 hours a week or 12 hours a day. Normal overtime pay is 1.5 times their regular rate, while overtime on a public holiday or rest day is two times their normal pay.

Successfully Onboarding Employees

Successfully onboarding employees will help you make the most of their talents. Although there’s no set way you must onboard employees, it’s best to start by reviewing the employment contract with them. Give them time to look over any other important company documents, then enroll them in a training program for their specific position. You can also create events for new employees to meet each other and begin working together.

Benefits of Tanzania Hiring Outsourcing With a Global PEO

For companies that don’t have the time to recruit and hire, Globalization Partners provides all benefits required through Tanzania hiring outsourcing. We have a team of Tanzania employment compliance experts who take on the stress of compliance as the Employer of Record. We’ll recruit the perfect team members, so you can succeed without wasting any time.

Make Us an Extension of Your Team

Globalization Partners will be here for you during your expansion. Contact us today to learn more about Tanzania hiring outsourcing.

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