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Togo Compensation & Benefits

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Are you planning an expansion to Togo but feeling unsure where to go after hiring your employees? The next logical step is sourcing benefits and providing compensation that will keep employees in their positions. But many companies don’t have the time to comply with Togo’s compensation laws and create a comprehensive Togo benefits management plan when they’re also dealing with a large-scale expansion. That’s why Globalization Partners offers Togo compensation and benefits outsourcing.

At Globalization Partners, we’re committed to helping you make your expansion as fast and painless as possible. You can use our Togo PEO for your expansion instead of setting up your own subsidiary, and you can feel confident knowing that you’re compliant as we take on the risk.

Togo’s Compensation Laws

Togo’s compensation laws include a minimum wage of 35,000 CFA francs per month. The government changed the minimum wage in January 2012, so it’s possible that the wage could change again in the next few years. Keep in mind as well that the minimum wage for your sector could increase or decrease if your industry has a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or trade union.

Guaranteed Benefits in the Country

You must provide the right guaranteed benefits as part of your Togo benefit management plan to stay compliant. Togo has 14 public holidays, and you should give employees those days off. According to the country’s Labor Code, all workers should receive 30 days of paid leave at the end of a year of work.

Another important statutory benefit is maternity leave. Women should receive 14 weeks of maternity leave and another six weeks of post-natal leave. If there’s a complication or illness from the pregnancy or childbirth, or multiple pregnancies, your employee should get another three weeks of paid leave. The Labor Code doesn’t require any paternity leave, but the Interprofessional Collective Agreement gives employees two days of paternity leave.

How to Disperse Your Togo Benefits Management Plan

We recommend giving out more than just the benefits required by law. Supplemental benefits will show employees that you care and want them to keep working for your company. You can choose to provide anything from a private benefits plan to a 13th-month bonus. If you’re not sure what benefits you’d like to provide, you should ask employees to see what they’d appreciate the most.

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits

You cannot give out benefits or even pay employees until you have a registered subsidiary. However, you’ll need to devote a significant amount of time, money, and energy into the incorporation process. Togo benefits and compensation outsourcing with Globalization Partners will take away the stress of your expansion. Your company won’t need to go through the lengthy subsidiary setup process, and you can focus on growing your company.

Globalization Partners Can Help You Expand

Globalization Partners is the team you need on your side for a successful expansion. Reach out to us today to learn more about Togo compensation and benefits outsourcing as well as our global expansion platform.

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