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Uzbekistan Compensation & Benefits

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Providing robust compensation and benefits in Uzbekistan will give you an edge above your competitors and also help you secure top talent. However, many companies don’t know all of Uzbekistan’s compensation laws or understand what statutory benefits to provide. Plus, they often don’t have the time to source those benefits while handling a global expansion.

Instead, companies can count on Globalization Partners for their expansions to countries around the world. We offer Uzbekistan compensation and benefits outsourcing to help companies expand in as little as a day or two without any worries about compliance. Our team will add your employees to our existing payroll and benefits plan, so you don’t have to create your own. As the Employer of Record, you can trust that we’ll be responsible for compliance instead of you.

Uzbekistan Compensation Laws

Uzbekistan has a national minimum wage of 107,635 Uzbekistan som per month for all workers. However, the average monthly wage, including remuneration, incentive payments, and more, was 2.21 million som as recent as September 2019. They last changed the minimum wage in 2014, so it could change again in a few years.

Guaranteed Benefits for Every Employee

Every employee in Uzbekistan must receive guaranteed benefits required by law. Your Uzbekistan benefits management plan has to include 11 days off for the country’s public holidays and 15 days of annual leave. When an employee becomes ill, suffers an injury, or cares for their sick family members, they should take sick leave. That leave is paid at 100% of the employee’s average pay if the sickness is work-related or the employee has worked for more than eight years.

Employers also need to give pregnant employees a minimum of 70 days of paid maternity leave before their due date and 56 days after giving birth. Those on maternity leave should receive their normal pay through their employer, who is reimbursed by the Social Security Fund.

Best Way to Disperse Your Uzbekistan Benefits Management Plan

After creating your Uzbekistan benefits management plan, you need to give all benefits to employees. It’s a good idea to also provide supplemental benefits that can encourage employees to stay in their jobs. Whether it’s performance-based bonuses, a private health care plan, or a company car, giving employees market norm benefits will show that you care.

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits

Companies looking to expand to Uzbekistan cannot pay employees or provide benefits until they’ve a registered subsidiary. However, setting up that subsidiary takes time and can set back your entire operating schedule.

Choosing Uzbekistan benefits and compensation outsourcing with Globalization Partners will give you the time and peace of mind you crave when you’re¬†expanding. Instead of requiring your own subsidiary, you can use ours for a quick and easy expansion. We’ll hire your employees, add them to our payroll and benefits plan, make sure we meet Uzbekistan’s compensation laws and more. You’ll only need to focus on running your company.

Contact Globalization Partners for More Information

The Globalization Partners team is here to support you during your expansion. Contact us today to learn more about Uzbekistan compensation and benefits outsourcing.

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