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Uzbekistan Hiring

Hiring in Uzbekistan is the key to succeeding around the world. Hiring the right team members will ensure that you have a hard-working and productive staff ready to help you grow. Plus, when you feel like your subsidiary is in capable hands with good employees, you can focus your time on growing your company.

Globalization Partners will help ensure that you have a positive and easy hiring experience from the start. Uzbekistan hiring outsourcing with our team means we’ll recruit and hire employees to work for your company through our existing subsidiary. Every one of your employees will enjoy a positive hiring experience, and you’ll benefit from productive employees from day one.

How to Hire Uzbekistan Employees

Companies can benefit from creating a clear employment contract when they hire Uzbekistan employees. Although you can choose between an oral or written contract, a strong written contract in Uzbek will go further in protecting you from any misunderstandings or litigation. Try to include the most important employment terms, such as compensation, benefits, termination requirements, working hours, and related factors. If you include any salary or bonus amounts, make sure you use Uzbekistan som instead of another foreign currency.

Uzbekistan Employment Compliance Laws

Once you know how to hire Uzbekistan employees, you need to follow the applicable employment compliance laws. Uzbekistan’s normal workweek is Monday-Friday from 9-6 p.m., and employees typically work 40 hours per week.

Employees in certain work categories are prohibited from working overtime according to Uzbekistan’s employment compliance laws. Those who can work overtime cannot exceed four hours over two consecutive days or 120 hours a year. For every hour of overtime, employees are entitled to 100% of their normal employment plus a premium.

How to Onboard Uzbekistan Employees

After you hire Uzbekistan employees, it’s your job to onboard them. The onboarding process can predict how well your employees will do in their roles and with your company, and you also need to make sure you’re staying compliant. We recommend having employees sign their employment contracts before they officially start working for you. If they don’t have extensive experience in their new role, try providing a robust training program that will help them start the job running.

The Benefit of Uzbekistan Hiring Outsourcing

If you hire employees without the help of a global PEO, you must recruit the right candidates, onboard them, and meet all of Uzbekistan’s employment compliance laws. The entire process takes a significant amount of time, and it can lead to fines or delays if you don’t meet the applicable laws.

Uzbekistan hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners will save you valuable time and hassle. When we hire employees to work for your team, we’ll take care of everything related to the hiring and onboarding process. Plus, you won’t need to worry about employment compliance, as we’ll act as the Employer of Record.

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Globalization Partners will ensure that you get all the benefits of working in Uzbekistan without having to set up your own subsidiary or worry about hiring. Contact us today to learn more about Uzbekistan hiring outsourcing.

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